WWE Live Event Results From Manchester (11/3) - Rhodes & Sandow Help CM Punk, Cena Vs. Ziggler

Thanks to WrestlingINC.com reader Matt Meehan for sending in these results from the RAW live event from the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England:

Full house for the event.

Interesting point is that the new Zack Ryder shirt is the most expensive one at £30, while everyone else's is £25. Also 85-90% of all shirts were either for John Cena, CM Punk or Dolph Ziggler. Sorry to see that they didn't sell Paul Heymans 'I'm a Paul Heyman guy' shirt. Surprisingly, they didn't sell any Ryback shirts either.


Justin Roberts started the show with the introductions.

The first match was Brodus Clay & Santino Marella teaming up against Primo & Epico. It sounded like Primo & Epico have a new theme. The match started with Santino going to the ropes to taunt and falling to the apron. Surprisingly good match with a lot of comedy, with Santino and Brodus the winners after a cobra followed by a running splash.

Tensai vs Michael McGillicutty was next, with McGillicutty playing babyface. A lot of "Albert" chants echoed around the arena. A standard match made better by a great showing by McGillicutty. McGillicutty won with a school boy pin.

Up next was Eve vs. Layla vs. AJ Lee in a triple threat for the divas title. There was a twitter vote to see if AJ would be allowed into the match. AJ won and became new divas champion after an inside cradle, but Vickie Guerrero came out and ordered a restart, which allowed Eve to retain her title in about 20 seconds .


Dolph Ziggler vs. John Cena is next. Both came out to very mixed reactions. Superb match with great back and forth between both competitors. Both were very entertaining and enthusiastic with the crowd. Glad to see Ziggler dominate for the most part until Cena hit 4 of his 5 moves and turned a cross body into an FU and a failed STF. The ref got knocked out and Vickie and AJ interfered. AJ hit Ziggler with the MITB briefcase and Cena hit the FU for the victory.

After the 15 minute interval, we have was Antonio Cesaro vs. Zack Ryder for the United States Championship. Decent, slow paced match with Cesaro retaining with the neutralizer.

Team Hell No vs. Team Rhodes Scholars for the tag team championship was next. Team Hell No were over more than anyone. Good back and forth bout with Rhodes Scholars dominating a lot of the match. Daniel Bryan dropkicked Kane out of the ring before turning Damien Sandow's school boy attempt into a no lock for the submission victory.

The main event was Ryback vs. WWE Champion CM Punk for the WWE title. Punk came out to a mostly positive reception (about 70% cheers to 30% boos), while Ryback got a good pop. The match was quite even, but a few of Ryback's moves were really dominant. Ryback won via disqualification after he had Punk up for shell-shocked, but Rhodes Scholars came in for the save. The show ended after Ryback cleared the ring of Rhodes Scholars and nailed Punk with shell-shocked.


The biggest pops of the night went to Team Hell No, Cena and Ryback.

Matt Meehan contributed to this article.