WWE Main Event Recap: Sheamus Faces Wade Barrett, R-Truth Vs. Heath Slater

Welcome to the WrestlingInc.com WWE Main Event Recap. This week's show begins with the opening theme and crowd shots from Birmingham, England as Michael Cole welcomes us to the show with The Miz on color. This week, Sheamus faces Wade Barrett.

-Big Show's music hits and he comes down as we check out the footage from the pub fight. Show joins commentary. Wade Barrett's music hits as he makes his way to the ring for his match. Cole sends to a video package for Barrett. We go back to the ring as Barrett has a mic in the ring. He begins to talk about Sheamus but is immediately interrupted by Sheamus' music who wastes no time marching to the ring. Sheamus walks around the ring and proceeds to jump on Big Show. Show knocks him on his butt as refs hold the men back. Sheamus jumps in the ring as refs hold Show and Barrett at bay. We go to our first break.

Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett

Order has been restored as we return and the bell rings as the men lock-up. Show complains at ringside about Sheamus' unprofessional conduct. Cole plays face and says Show attacked Sheamus at a pub. Sheamus gets the advantage in the ring. Miz has to calm Show down as Show gets up to confront Cole. Show says he's completely fed up. Cole says he's just trying to be a journalist. Sheamus works Barrett over and drops a series of knees for 2. Barrett turns things around and hits shots in the corner. Sheamus fights back and hits shoulders to Barrett's abs back in the opposite corner. Barrett goes for a suplex but Sheamus counters with one of his own. Cole tells Show that Sheamus kicked out of his first KO Punch. Show calls him an annoying little dog. Barrett charges at Sheamus who pulls the ropes down, causing Barrett to go flying to the floor. Sheamus meets Barrett on the apron and hits the forearms to the chest. Sheamus suplexes Barrett into the ring from over the top on the apron and gets 2. Barrett fights up and blindsides Sheamus with a clothesline over the top and to the floor. Barrett goes out to capitalize. Barrett throws Sheamus into the security wall and gets in the ring. Sheamus slowly gets up and tries to get in the ring but Barrett lays him out again as we go to commercial.

-A commercial for Main Event runs, spotlighting Kofi Kingston.

-Barrett makes a cover as we return and gets 2 in the ring. A dueling "Let's Go Sheamus/Barrett" chant breaks out in the Birmingham crowd. Barrett ducks a clothesline from Sheamus and hits a mule kick to his stomach to resume offense. Show and Cole go at it again. The action goes to the outside and they fight back and forth. Barrett sends Sheamus into the steps. Barrett stands on top of the security wall and delivers a nice elbow drop to Sheamus on the floor. Barrett picks up Sheamus and sends him into the ring for another near-fall. Sheamus hits boots out of the corner and fights back but Barrett sends him into the turnbuckles and gets 2. Barrett keeps Sheamus down as Miz and Show talk about ShowMiz. Sheamus knocks Barrett down and both men are down as we go to break.

We're back as Sheamus and Barrett trade shots in the center of the ring. Sheamus gets the advantage but Barrett escapes to the outside to slow down the momentum. Sheamus answers with a shoulderblock off the apron. Sheamus sends Barrett in the ring and hits a shoulderblock over the top off the apron to take Barrett down again. Sheamus hooks the far leg and gets 2. Show says he doesn't think there will be anything left of Sheamus and that he will just "lay down" at Survivor Series. Barrett hits a reverse kick as we cut back to the ring and gets 2. Barrett ducks a Brogue Kick and hits a side slam for 2. Sheamus hits the Irish Curse across his knee and gets 2. Sheamus goes up top and is met by Barrett. Sheamus head butts Barrett down and Barrett pulls Sheamus down hard and makes the cover for another 2. Barrett flies off with an elbow drop but Sheamus gets his knees up. Sheamus gets up and drops Barrett with White Noise as Show gets up to leave, with title in hand, in disgust. Sheamus looks over at him and then hits the Brogue Kick to Barrett for the win.

Winner by pin: Sheamus

Show holds up his title on the stage with a smile and Sheamus stares him down as we go to break.

-We go to Matt Striker in the back as he stops Big Show and asks him if he's concerned. Show just walks away. Striker insists and Show clocks him with the KO and lays him out.

-Cole sends to footage of Brad Maddox from Raw.

-We go to the ring as R-Truth comes out. Heath Slater comes out with Jinder Mahal as we go to commercial.

R-Truth vs. Heath Slater

The match is in progress and Slater hits an armdrag and lounges on the top rope in the corner. They lock-up and Truth gets the advantage. Slater plays his air-guitar as Truth gyrates. Truth slams Slater and drops a leg for 2. Mahal grabs Truth's foot from the floor but Truth denies Slater the change to capitalize. Truth clotheslines Slater over the top and to the floor. Mahal jumps on the apron and lures Truth out. Slater hits a clothesline from out of nowhere as Truth comes around the ring. Slater drops Truth's throat across the apron and sends him head-first into the barricade. Slater works Truth over back in the ring. Miz puts 3MB over as musicians. Slater covers Truth for 2. Truth hits boots to get out of the corner and comes off the ropes with a clothesline and a heel kick to the face of Slater. Truth counters a hiptoss with a nice leg scissors takedown into a pin for 2. Slater catches Truth's foot and drives him hard into the corner. Slater hits a neckbreaker in the corner for a near-fall. Truth hits a back bodydrop and another unique takedown slam but Mahal gets in and break the count. The ref calls for the bell.

Winner by disqualification: R-Truth

Truth gets up and his head is immediately taken off by a high knee from Mahal. He gives Truth to Slater who hits a jumping DDT Smash Hit. Slater and Mahal stand tall in the ring over Truth. Cole says that on next week's show, the tag titles will be on the line against Rhodes Scholars. We see a video featuring Team Hell No before we go off the air.


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