WWE Network Stalling?, WWE Live Events Department Update

- Stephanie McMahon Levesque gutted the WWE Live Events Department a few months ago and now has a mostly new team that reports directly to her on all facets of the live events operations and event marketing.

Vince McMahon reportedly has little, if any, day-to-day contact with most departments. Vince just deals with the heads of the departments, specifically Stephanie (who has people report to her from live events / marketing / digital / creative / publishing), Triple H (talent relations) and Kevin Dunn (TV production).

- According to a source, the WWE Network continues to stall out with almost the entire staff initially hired for the start-up division now re-assigned to other divisions, mostly in Kevin Dunn's television production department or the website / digital division. A few top people are still working on developing programs for the network, but no network-related programming is currently slated to begin production, which is not a good sign.

When asked to comment, a WWE spokesperson replied, "As stated by CFO George Barrios in our Q3 2012 earnings call on November 1, work continues towards the creation of a future WWE network, including hiring key staff, setting up necessary infrastructure and producing programming for the launch of a WWE Network."


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