WWE Pulls Rib With Ryback Jobber, Reason For Hayes Booking WWE Live Events, WWE Scouting

- WWE's Gerald Brisco was scouting wrestler Chad Hanke over the weekend. Hanke is a senior at Oregon State, weighing in at 197 lbs. but moving up to heavyweight this year. He was ranked #16 nationally going into this season.


- Ryback faced two jobbers at the November 13th WWE Saturday Morning Slam tapings from Cleveland. One of the jobbers was named Yanai Greco. He was named after Jonny Greco, the longtime Cleveland Cavaliers in-game arena producer who left them and joined WWE a while back. He was back home visiting friends and was in the arena at the time of the tapings. Jonny was said to be very amused by the rib.

- Michael Hayes remains the person in charge of booking WWE's live events. This used to be the job for Head of Talent Relations but now that Jane Geddes is doing that and has no wrestling background, it makes more sense to have Hayes do it.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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