WWE Saturday Morning Slam Recap: Usos Vs. Prime Time Players, Khali Vs. Primo

Good Morning and welcome to another edition of the WrestlingInc.com WWE Saturday Morning Slam Recap.

The show opens and we go right to the ring for The Prime Time Player's entrance. Josh Mathews is joined by Dolph Ziggler. The Uso's are out next.

The Prime Time Players vs. The Usos

Titus helps fix Young's hair from the apron. Jey steels the pick out of his hair and keeps it away from him. Young even falls on the mat trying to get it. Jey pretends to throw it into the crowd but tosses it to his brother. Jey grabs Young and starts to mess up his hair as Young is frantically trying to escape. Jey kicks him to the outside. Young defiantly stomps back up the steps and gets in the ring. Young wipes away tears as he tags Titus in. Titus overpowers Jey into the corner and talks trash. Jimmy comes in and they mock Titus' dance. Titus charges at them with a double clothesline attempt but they duck and give him a double back bodydrop. Young helps Titus up in the corner and tries to pep him back up. Titus tags Young who falls victim to some slams and ducks out of the ring to huddle with Titus as we go to commercial.

-AJ brings us this week's PSA to not try this at home.

-We're back and Titus is in control of Jey, keeping him from tagging Jimmy. Young tags back in and resumes control. Young applies a body scissors as Jey reaches for his brother. Titus tags back in and misses in the corner. Jey makes the hot tag to Jimmy who speeds things up against Young. Jimmy makes a cover but Titus pulls him off Young. Jey takes care of Titus on the outside. Jimmy hits a Samoan Drop and tags Jey who flies off the top with a splash for the win.

Winners by pin: The Usos

-John Cena thanks our troops and we segue into other superstars who "stand tall."

Video Vault - WWE Giants: Past & Present
We start with a montage of the Great Khali and go to The Big Show with footage from WCW. Next is Andre the Giant… And that's it. They showed short clips of Vader and Giant Gonzales before introducing the segment but only profiled the aforementioned 3.

The Great Khali vs. Primo

Primo is out with Epico but no Rosa. Primo and Epico converse and the bell rings. Primo charges at Khali with all cylinders but is swatted away and out of the ring. Primo gets back in with encouragement from Epico and tries a shoulder tackle on Khali but it's like running into a brick wall. Primo rolls back out and gets more coaching from Epico. Primo gets in the ring, feeling strong, and calls for a test of strength. Primo gets on the top rope to reach Khali and literally get the upper hand buy Khali easily throws him off and to the floor. Epico asks Ziggler for any good ideas. He frantically comes up with one and gets on the apron and tries to spook Khali like a ghost or something while Primo creeps up from behind. Khali turns around and sees Primo who begs off. Primo tries to slam Khali but he just falls on top and pins him.

Winner by pin: The Great Khali

Josh Mathews signs off.


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