WWE Survivor Series: In-ring Segment With AJ Lee And Vickie Guerrero

- AJ Lee comes to the ring and talks about what's been going on with Vickie Guerrero. AJ calls Vickie a bunch of names and calls her a witch, or a word that rhymes with witch. AJ says the best way to hide a secret is to accuse someone else and that's exactly what Vickie has done. Vickie comes walking to the ring and she's pissed.


AJ say she was minding her business at home when someone sent her a photo of this – we see Vickie out eating burritos at dinner with Ricardo Rodriguez. AJ shows another photo of Vickie and Jim Ross having some BBQ together. AJ asks what Vickie has to say for herself. Vickie says none of this is funny and none of it is true. Another photo shows Vickie in a leopard print bathing suit dancing with Brodus Clay. Vickie says she has had enough and this is ridiculous. AJ says what is ridiculous is Vickie and her evidence that has proved nothing. AJ says Vickie created the scandal with John Cena. They have more words and AJ laughs at Vickie. AJ mentions that they both will get fired if they touch each other. Tamina Snuka suddenly attacks from behind and lays AJ out. Tamina unloads on AJ and climbs to the top. Snuka nails a big Superfly Splash on AJ as Vickie looks on surprised. Tamina leaves the ring as Vickie laughs at AJ.