AJ Lee Teaches John Cena Some Moves, Win 'Mania Tix, Santa Foley On "Superstar Toyz" (Video)

- WWE.com has posted an interview with AJ Lee about the latest DLC Pack for WWE '13. During the interview, the website mentioned that John Cena pegged her and Kofi Kingston as the gamers to watch, and asked her if she had shown Cena any moves.

"[Nervous laughter] I've shown him a lot of moves, but he's probably not a better gamer," Lee replied.

You can check out the full interview here.

- Today is the latest day that you can enter to win Dish Network and WWE's promotion to win two free tickets to WrestleMania 29. You can get more information or enter by clicking here.

- The latest episode of "Superstar Toyz" features Mick Foley and his Christmas room. You can watch it below:


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