Backstage News On Ric Flair's WWE Return On RAW, Storyline Planned With CM Punk, More

- As seen on Monday's RAW, Ric Flair made his return to WWE. His return was something that had been scheduled for a few weeks but what his role would be was changed several times. Vince McMahon himself reportedly opened lines of communication with Flair about a month ago. They even discussed doing one angle that would have introduced his daughter, NXT Diva Charlotte.

There is nothing official on the books regarding Flair but it's believed he will be back to do a short TV angle with CM Punk. The angle would not include a wrestling match as Vince McMahon has been adamant about not violating the terms of Flair's 2008 retirement stipulation.

There had been talk of Flair not doing physical angles because of his age and what happened with Jerry Lawler. WWE obviously had a change of heart as the angle on Monday was their idea and not something he asked for. Flair came to Philadelphia for RAW and was ordered to first undergo an EKG to make sure he was healthy enough to do something physical. WWE wants him to take more medical testing because they do have plans to use him in the future in other physical angles.

For his return on Monday, Flair was hidden away in a trailer. There was some talk backstage that he would appear but nobody saw him.

Source: F4WOnline


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