– John Cena continues to work pretty banged up. There is more and more talk that Cena’s time as the full-time top star isn’t going to last forever. The Wrestling Observer reports that there’s a feeling that he will do main event storylines for as long as his body holds up and then probably work a schedule where he wouldn’t always be on top but be saved for a few big matches and then eventually begin a part-time role.

The time frame of all this obviously depends on his body more than anything else but it’s now being said that there is probably at least one more face of WWE that will be chosen by Vince McMahon before Vince hands over all power to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

– Right now, Dean Ambrose is the guy WWE officials want to build into a headliner once the angle with The Shield has run its course. At the same time, there are some in the company who think Roman Reigns has the most potential of the three. There’s also a feeling that Reigns isn’t ready as far as in-ring skills go but Ambrose and Seth Rollins are.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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