Backstage Talk Of WWE Talents Looking To Leave, Help CM Punk Support A Cause, WWE Looks At Del Rio

- Natalie Slater, who is a friend of CM Punk's and appeared in his recent WWE documentary, is raising money for Grind For Life, a cancer charity. She celebrated her birthday yesterday and asks her friends to donate to the cause in lieu of presents. Natalie announced this week that Punk has promised to match whatever donations were made. For more information on the cause and to donate, click here.

- As was first reported here on Wrestling INC earlier this week, several WWE undercard wrestlers are rumbling about giving notice. The Wrestling Observer adds that those talents are talking about giving their notice to officials after WrestleMania 29, unless things change.

- Here's the special look at Alberto Del Rio that aired on last night's episode of WWE Main Event:

Source: F4WOnline


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