Christmas Videos: Piper's Christmas Carol, Savage Reads Poem, The Rock, AJ Lee, Santa Austin, More

Since it's a slow news day, I thought it would be fun to take time and post some classic -- and funny -- wrestling related Christmas videos:

Roddy Piper's "Christmas Carol":

"Macho Man" Randy Savage recites "'Twas the night before Christmas" in 2005

The Rock's Christmas Greetings to The Undertaker:

Stone Cold sings "Jingle Bells":

Eight-Diva Tag Team Match on Raw in 2007:

AJ Lee & FCW Divas Christmas Segment in 2009:

Ernest Miller calls out Santa Claus on WCW Nitro:

Santa Austin delivers a Stunner to Mr. McMahon:

Shockmaster Claus reads to children:

Steve Austin delivers a Stunner to Santa:

Eight-Divas Tag Team Match at Armageddon in 2008:


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