Eric Bischoff Denies Speaking To Buff Bagwell, Joey Ryan Stars In "Sleazy" ShopTNA Commercial

- TNA Wrestling producer Eric Bischoff is denying Marcus "Buff" Bagwell's claim in an interview this week that the two have been in talks regarding a potential return to the promotion.

Bischoff tweeted Friday, "FYI, havent had a conversation with Marc Bagwell in 15 years or more. Not sure what conversations he 'thinks' hes had with me."

When asked of a potential return to TNA Wrestling during an interview with the Shining Wizards podcast, Bagwell stated, "Me and Eric are talking. Sting wants me to come down there and work for TNA. So we are in talks, we are waiting for me to get back to 100%. We are about 2 weeks out. I just spoke to Sting yesterday. So Eric is gonna bring me down and talk to me and just see what happens, so I am in the mix with maybe going back to TNA now."

- TNA Wrestling has released a video of Joey Ryan starring in "The Sleaziest ShopTNA Commercial Ever."


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