Eve Torres Note, Mick Foley Talks TTTT, Prime Time Players Take Over Latest "WWE Inbox"

- Marvel.com has an interview with Mick Foley, who discussed comics and tonight's Tribute to the Troops. During the interview, Foley revealed his favorite moment from the event.

"Yeah! I think my favorite moment was announcing that we have been signing a lot of autographs and that it was time for them to sign some autographs for me," said Foley. "So I threw a t-shirt out into the crowd for them to sign, and an hour later it made its way back into the locker room covered. It was like a work of art. It just had hundreds of signatures in every conceivable place. After holding on to it for several years, I thought that it really should be displayed at WWE headquarters. So I sent it along and I believe it's framed and hanging there. But I also had the chance dressing up as Santa to vanquish the bad Santa Claus who turned out to be JBL in a Santa's toy match where I ended up pummeling [him] with an oversized sack. A match so bad it was good."

Foley also revealed who he would book Captain America in a match against, you can read the full interview at this link.

- Allure.com has an interview with Eve Torres discussing makeup and manicures, you can read it here.

- The Prime Time Players took over the latest episode of WWE Inbox, you can watch it below:

Aziz Menon and Hardeep Asrani contributed to this article.


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