Exclusive Details On John Laurinaitis' Next WWE Appearance, Future With The Company

There have been several reports online over the past several weeks about the future of former Senior Vice President of Talent Operations John Laurinaitis.

According to a source, Laurinaitis is still actively working behind the scenes and is happy with his current involvement with the company. He still helps out with creative, as well as with finishes for matches of certain wrestlers. He was at RAW this past Monday, and will also be at Tribute to the Troops this Sunday in Norfolk, VA.


Laurinaitis underwent rotator cuff surgery this past September, and is rehabbing his shoulder at Tim Tebow's facility in Tampa, FL. His shoulder was in worse shape than originally thought, and is still not completely healed.

It is believed that Laurinaitis will eventually be back on camera once he has fully recovered. We noted last August that there was some light talk of pairing him with Jack Swagger. Although plans always change, there is a good chance that Laurinaitis will return as a heel manager within the next three months.