Extreme Rising issued the following press release in regards to New Jack being removed from their upcoming event next week due to injury:


Extreme Rising has made one of the most difficult, but logical and reasonable decisions that it has had to make since allowing Sabu to return to action for the company in June. For some time now the owners and partners of 5 Guys Wrestling (the parent company of Extreme Reunion / Rising) have come to a decision that will most likely be received negatively at first, but after the initial thought it is a positive decision and move in the proper direction.

Many times in sports and sports entertainment star players play hurt without ever telling anyone in the fear of losing their spot or pay. These players are willing to put their bodies and lives on the line by playing injured; unbeknownst to management and ownership. 5 Guys Wrestling and the general public have recently been exposed to the knowledge that one of our own is seriously injured and no matter how it may affect the upcoming event, we must make the responsible decision here and make the unpopular choice AND ALL talent working for Extreme Rising.

On Saturday, November 17, 2012 at the Extreme Rising event at the Golden Dome in Monaca, PA, New Jack (Jerome Young) proceeded to devise and execute his plan to jump off twelve feet bleachers on to a table with another wrestler lying on it. New Jack proceeded to jump twice, as the first attempt the table did not break. After the second jump and successfully breaking the table, New Jack proceeded to the ring to give a speech. At no point during or after the event did New Jack ask to see the licensed doctor on staff, Dr. H. Pagan. After his match, New Jack was in the back, where he seemed fine and didn’t mention any injury as he talked about future plans for the company with Cody Michaels, (Mark Keenan) a licensed chiropractor.

The company was not notified of any injuries sustained until three days later (November 20, 2012 at 7:10pm) as New Jack contacted 5 Guys Wrestling partner Steve O’Neill via text message stating he had a “hairline fracture in right heel and foot, deep bruised thigh and ribs, bruised kidney, and blood in urine. Other than that I’m straight.” Upon notification, Shane Douglas (Troy Martin), Cody Michaels (Mark Keenan), Kevin Kleinrock, and Mike O’Neill were all notified about the situation.

Late evening on December 3, 2012 via telephone, New Jack informed Extreme Rising that “he saw his doctor and was told he needed surgery as soon as possible to repair a chipped bone in his ankle that was causing him pain, but said he was going to put off the surgery until after December 29, 2012. Extreme Rising and all parties communicating with New Jack (Jerome Young) “STRONGLY advised against post-poning treatment and advised him to proceed with ANY ALL necessary treatment(s) for his health and well being.”

On December 10, 2012 10:49am New Jack informed the public on his Facebook page, “?dove twice on Jeezy.2nd jump,broke ankle and cracked heel.Went to ER,got admitted for 2 days.Grand total $8000.00.Who is responsible for bill Extreme Rising(Steve Onielle).Do i have insurance,yes.Told hospital dont send bill to my insurance yet. Was supposed to have surgery last week and cancled it because of the show 12/29/12.Been on pain pills since that show.” Extreme Rising has requested information as to the hospital and doctor(s) that treated New Jack (Jerome Young) but has yet to receive that information.

After much deliberation on this matter, the collective ownership have unanimously agreed that it was in the best interest in the health of New Jack (Jerome Young) and company to remove him from the December 29, 2012 card, so he can schedule his surgery, rest, and not re-injure or aggravate his injuries any further. Such actions on the part of New Jack, or Extreme Rising by sanctioning it, would only serve to jeopardize New Jack’s (Jerome Young) already war-torn body. We understand that this decision may not be popular, but we all agree and feel that this is in the best interest of everyone involved. Extreme Rising takes it fan’s concerns VERY SERIOUSLY and acknowledges its fan’s great interests in this match and this angle. Still, we must, when knowledgeable of ANY risks to our talent, be unwilling to allow ANY further risks OR harm to befall our talent. Any other decision would be “immoral” and “possibly negligent”, said Shane Douglas (Troy Martin). With our fan’s interests in mind, Extreme Rising will discuss rescheduling this cage match for it’s 2013 schedule ?provided medical clearance IS obtained from New Jack (Jerome Young).

We know New Jack is as tough as nails, but we are not willing to let him risk his health any further under his present conditions. We hope New Jack has a speedy recovery and excitedly look forward to a convalesced and healthy New Jack (Jerome Young) stepping back into an Extreme Rising ring.

In light of this decision, the Gangstas have been removed from the card, which is subject to change. However, Extreme Rising will still deliver a cage match on Saturday, December 29, 2012? and we believe the participants in this cage match WILL be a HUGE surprise to everyone.

Thank you for your understanding, and extreme patience in this matter.

Extreme Rising / 5 Guys Wrestling