Hulk Hogan Thanks Dixie Carter, TNA Today With Kenny King (Video), More

- Hulk Hogan commented on Thursday's episode of Impact Wrestling and TNA President Dixie Carter, writing on his Twitter, "Really looking foward th IMPACT this Thursday ,the show now has energy,momentum and a real life of its own,props to Dixie for always being There and keeping her cool when sometimes we are all over the place with our he said she said bs,she's a constant and is always in the Trenches with us even if we're right or wrong,thank you Dixie Carter for letting IMPACT continue to grow,you have t seen anything yetHH4Life"


- With Final Resolution this Sunday in Orlando, TNA has no other live events scheduled this weekend.

- Here is the latest episode of TNA Today with Kenny King, who has yet to be added to the TNA roster page: