John Cena Recruits New Wrestler To WWE, Photo Of New Talent has an article up on Alex Jones, who recently signed a three-year developmental deal with WWE. Jones is headed to Tampa this week to begin work at NXT.

Jones was working on his masters in strength and conditioning at USC when he met former WWE stars Rikishi and Gangrel, which led him to begin training at Rikishi's Knox Pro wrestling school. About 10 days later, John Cena was in town for RAW and was lifting weights at USC. Cena tabbed Jones as a potential star and recruited him into WWE basically.

Jones attended a tryout camp back in August and says Jim Ross and Gerald Brisco couldn't stop praising him. Jones told

"They all said, 'You could be our guy. Look at John Cena. That could be you.' Now, anything less than being a champ would be a disappointment."

Here is a photo of Jones:

alex jones wwe



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