Matt Hardy Discusses A Potential WWE Or TNA Return And Recent "Interesting Phone Calls," ROH

Matt Hardy was one of the featured guests on this past week's edition of Monday Night Mayhem. Here are interview highlights courtesy of's Aaron Carnevale, MNM's official contributor:

Why he sees himself as not a "cancer" in Ring of Honor, but as the company's"cure": "I wanted to come to Ring of Honor to help. A lot of Ring of Honor die-hard fans think I'm the 'cancer,' but I don't think I'm the 'cancer.' I think I'm the cure. Not only can I offer my experience and wisdom to these guys, but I can bring in a huge fan base as far as Hardy fans go. I want to change some things. I don't want to take away what Ring of Honor stands for, but I do want to change it in a way where it evolves and grows."

The type of crowd reaction that he is expecting at The Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City this Sunday at "Final Battle 2012": "I know the Ring of Honor die-hard fans, and I'm going to be the enemy to them. I'm walking into hostile territory, and that's good. I dig that. As long as the fans are reacting, whether they love me or they hate me, it's all good."

The chance of a WWE or TNA return in 2013 and how he has received some "interesting phone calls" within the last month: "It's really hard to put a number on that figure. All I can say is in the wrestling business is 'never say never.' I can tell you right now, there have been some interesting phone calls during the last month or so. If I could command a schedule in WWE or TNA where I could work a day a week or a couple days a week, that would be helpful. I would definitely take it into consideration."

Much more is contained in Matt Hardy's exclusive interview with Monday Night Mayhem, including an update on the injury he suffered at Extreme Rising's "Remember November" event and how he's feeling leading into "Final Battle 2012," if his WWE and TNA background makes him easy to despise by Ring of Honor's die-hard fans, what drives him to become one of the first "marquee names" in ROH history and more. You can download and listen to the interview by clicking here.

Source: Monday Night Mayhem


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