Wrestler Mike Boyer, aka Mike Boyette, passed away this past Thursday in Mobile, Alabama. He was 71 years old.

Boyette had broken his hip several months ago and never recovered. He was well known throughout the wrestling community, and his work was well respected. He formed the original Hollywood Blondes with Micky Doyle, and worked for Bill Watts in the UWF before that promotion merged with the NWA.

AL.com has an article remembering Boyette here.

Jim Ross also remembered the late wrestler in his latest blog, writing, “The former United States Marine and judo expert was a noted, territory wrestler back in the day and I got to know him while we both worked for Cowboy Bill Watts.

“The Viet Nam vet was also a skilled archer who had many dangerous and deadly assignments in the Viet Nam war. Stories had it he was a sniper and used the bow with deadly effectiveness. Mike Boyette was an American Hero.”

Ross also recalled a funny story about Boyer and his fondness for cannabis, you can read the full blog here.