More On John Cena - Nikki Bella, Yoshi Tatsu Tries To Find Gift For Santino (Video)

- TMZ posted an article about Nikki Bella taking John Cena to her high school reunion at this link. The article noted that it wasn't official that the two were an item, but they were awfully chummy at the reunion.


- Speaking of Cena and Bella, there is another photo of the couple at the reunion on our Facebook page at this link. This photo shows Bella planting a kiss on her date.

- Also, there is still time to participate in our first INC Caption Contest for the Cena – Bella reunion photo. You can post your best captions for the pic by clicking here. The person with the caption with the most likes will receive a shout-out to their Twitter account from our @WrestlingINC account later this afternoon.

- Here is the latest episode of Santino's Foreign Exchange, which features Yoshi Tatsu trying to buy a gift for his boss: