RAW Live Event Results From Asheville, NC (11/30) - The Shield, Punk Vs. Ryback, Cena Vs. Ziggler

Thanks to WrestlingINC.com reader J. Jackson for sending in these results from last night's WWE RAW live event in Asheville, NC:

- Brodus Clay pinned Michael McGillicutty.

- Vickie Guerrero announced a poll to decide if AJ would compete in tonight's Diva's title match. She was booed so loudly that Matt Striker had to explain the poll again in the ring.

- Antonio Cesaro won a triple threat against R-Truth and Jack Swagger by pinning Swagger after Truth hit his finisher.

- Zack Ryder pinned Cory Graves. Loud "Who is This Guy?" chant at Graves.

- Dolph Ziggler cut a promo backstage billing his match tonight as "The Franchise" (John Cena) vs. "The Best Thing Going in Sports Entertainment" (Ziggler)

- Diva's Title Match became a triple threat between Eve, Kaitlyn and AJ when it was revealed AJ had been voted in. AJ captured the title by pinning a surprised Eve, which brought Vickie out to demand the match be restarted. Eve quickly pinned AJ after hitting her finisher to retain.

- First Main Event: John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler. Vickie is ejected early in the match but returns to try to attack Cena. AJ comes out for the save and Vickie ends up accidentally burying her head in Cena's crotch to elude AJ with the Money in the Bank briefcase. Ziggler catches a briefcase shot from AJ and an AA before Cena picks up the pin.

- Santino Marella pinned Tensai after hitting the cobra. This was before the Tag Team Title match between Team Hell No and Primo and Epico.

- Backstage video with Team Hell No starting a "YES" chant. Team Hell No defeated Primo and Epico, accompanied by Rosa Mendes, with a simultaneous chokeslam and LeBell Lock.

- Main Event: WWE Champion CM Punk vs. Ryback. Good back and forth match with Ryback crashing into the steel steps outside. Interference from The Shield brings a DQ as Ryback goes for Shell Shocked. Ryback clears the ring and Team Hell No appear to fight The Shield to the back. Ryback caught Punk trying to attack from behind and hit him with Shell Shocked. Ryback cut a promo on winning the WWE title at TLC and defeating The Rock at Royal Rumble.

J. Jackson contributed to this article.


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