Ric Flair Comments On Returning To WWE, Flair's Return Kept A Secret?, Tommy Dreamer

- WWE's website spoke to Ricky Steamboat and Gene Okerlund about returning on last night's RAW. Steamboat talked about how Ric Flair's return was a big surprise to everyone backstage.

- WWE.com also spoke to Ric Flair after returning on last night's RAW. Flair says he was overwhelmed and loves being a part of everything. Flair called WWE the best place and the only place in the world to work. Flair also talked about how loyal he is to WWE. Flair was asked about CM Punk. Flair said to give him 60 days and he would be able to tangle with the WWE Champion.


- As seen on RAW last night, Tommy Dreamer returned for a six-man match but was later attacked by Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns backstage. WWE's website has footage of Dreamer being tended to by trainers and officials backstage.