This week’s edition of Ring of Honor wrestling is a special best television matches of 2012 edition. The three matches set to re-air are Davey Richards VS Eddie Edwards (original match date: June 9, 2012), Mike Bennett VS Lance Storm (original match date- August 3, 2012) and Adam Cole VS Roderick Strong for the Television Title (original match date: July 7, 2012).

Davey Richards VS Eddie Edwards opens the show. The Code of Honor is done by both men and the bell sounds. Both wrestlers lock up and Richards backs Edwards into the corner. He breaks off and they lock up again. Richards hits a nice wristlock and Edwards counters into his own. They go back and forth with some showy moves for a few minutes.

They lock up and Richards hits a tight hammerlock, which is countered by Edwards with his own again. Richards backs Edwards into the corner and the ref breaks the hold. They go back and forth for a few moments, until Edwards nails a brutal looking Yakuza style kick. Richards flies out of the ring and crashes into the barrier. Edwards chops Richard around the ring. They head back into the ring and after a few moves by Edwards, he tries to hit a Chin Checker. Richards reverses it into a cross armbreaker. Edwards gets his foot on the rope.

Richards has the upper hand. Edwards rolls to the outside and Richards chases after him. A few moves later Richards sets up a steel chair and props Edwards arm upon it. He then unloads several brutal looking kicks.

Richards presses the attack, and then Edwards rolls back into the ring. Richards gains a near pin fall and then latches a painful looking back bridge on Edwards. Richards presses the attack and gets into it with the crowd, allowing Edwards to fight back with some chops. They battle back and forth for a few minutes until Edwards nails a falcon arrow and both men are on the mat.

They get to their feet and Richards nails a big boot. Edwards counters and sends Richards through the ropes to the outside. He then dives out onto him and both wrestlers crash into the barrier.

Edwards is up first and sends Richards back into the ring. Edwards hits a missile drop kick for a near pin fall. They go back and forth and Edwards hits a tiger style Suplex for another near pin fall.

Both wrestlers head up to the top rope and Richards hits a superplex. He then locks on a front face lock and a falcon arrow of his own. He then locks the cross armbreaker back on. Edwards escapes and locks the Achilles’ Lock on Richards. Richards reverses it into an ankle lock.

They go back and forth and both men attempt jackknife pins for near pin falls. Edwards comes out on top as both wrestlers nail several high profile kicks. Richards nails a big clothesline and both men are on the mat. Both men get up, and Richards runs into a boot by Edwards. They go back and forth, and Edwards hits a Chop Your Face for a near pin fall. Edwards heads up to the top rope, but Richards moves out of the way as Edwards hurts his leg. Richards locks on an ankle lock and starts screaming for Edwards to tap. Edwards kicks out as Richards fends off some interference from Jimmy Jacobs.

Richards heads up top and tries to nail a missile dropkick, but Edwards catches him and hits a quick jackknife pin for the win.

Next up is Mike Bennett (with Bob Evans and Maria Kanellis) VS Lance Storm. Neither men do the Code of Honor and they shove each other back and forth. Storm backs Bennett into the corner and breaks away. They both take turns working on each other’s arms until Storm whips Bennett into the corner and lands a nice uppercut. Bennett reverses and hits a big elbow.

Bennett tries to fight out of the corner but Storm nails him with a couple chops. Bennett tries to hit a sunset flip, but Storm counters it into a Maple Leaf attempt. Bennett gets to the ropes and heads out of the ring. They get back in and Bennett calls for a timeout. Storm hits a big Suplex for a near pin fall. They fight back and forth for several minutes, until Storm tries to Suplex Bennett to the outside of the ring. Bennett lands on the apron and rakes Storm’s eyes. Gaining the upper hand, Bennett then tosses Storm into the barrier. He then nails a flying clothesline and both wrestlers are down.

They both get back in the ring and Bennett nails a dropkick for a near pin fall. He then hits a Suplex for another near pin fall. He then works on Storm’s back for few minutes until Storm breaks free and lands a quick head butt. Bennett then comes back with an armbar takedown for another near pin fall.

Bennett takes off Storm’s elbow pad and begins stomping on his elbow. Storm fights back and counters a Suplex into a cradle for a near pin fall. They exchange strikes and Storm nails an enziguri. Bennett comes back and dominates for a few minutes.

Storm fights back and hits a big clothesline and a lariat for a near pin fall. Storm then presses the attack and attempts another Maple Leaf, but Bennett counters for a near fall. Bennett then attempts to lock in the Maple Leaf on Storm, but Storm kicks him off and hits the Box Office Smash on Bennett for a near pin fall.

Storm then finally hits the Maple Leaf on Bennett, but Bennett reaches the ropes. Storm puts Bennett in position for a superplex, but Bob Evans grabs Storm’s foot. Bennett then hits a super neckbreaker for a near pin fall. Maria then provides the apron distraction as Evans tosses Bennett a chair and he hits Storm with the Photo Finish onto the chair. Bennett then gets the pin.

Last up is Roderick Strong (with Truth Martini) VS Adam Cole. Both men do the Code of Honor and Martini gets into the ring to do it as well. Cole shakes his hand and Strong nails him with dropkick. Strong then tosses Cole to the outside and presses the attack, sending Cole into the barrier. Strong then lifts Cole up like he is going to put on a torture rack, but drops him onto the apron.

They go back into the ring and Strong gets a near pin fall. Strong then backs Cole into the corner and presses the attack, dominating him for a few minutes. The ref gets between the two wrestlers and Martini chokes Cole. Cole tries to fight back with some big forearms, but Strong is too much and nails a backbreaker for a near pin fall. Strong fights off Cole’s comeback again, and throws him back to the outside. Strong tries to whip Cole into the barrier but Cole counters and whips Strong.

Strong quickly recovers and hits a boot on Cole. Strong then throws Cole into the post and gets back into the ring. Martini is running around the ring and the ref starts the count. Strong however exits the ring and presses the attack again. He then nails a Suplex and sends Cole back into the ring for a near pin fall.

Cole and Strong then exchange strikes and Cole comes out on top, nailing a crucifix for a near pin fall. Cole then hits a backslide for another near pin fall. He then attempts a Suplex on strong, but his back gives out. Strong quickly takes advantage and attacks Cole, eventually locking in a Texas cloverleaf. Cole makes it to the ropes. Strong pulls him back and locks in a waistlock. Cole hits an elbow and then an enziguri as both men are on the mat.

Cole hulks up and hits Strong with a bunch of forearms. Strong tries to fight back but Cole clotheslines him over the top rope. Cole then takes Strong out with a big dive and sends him back into the ring. He then nails a top rope crossbody for a near pin fall. Strong fights back until Cole dropkicks his leg and then hits a brutal Shining Wizard for a near pin fall.

Cole backs Strong into the corner and attempts a charge, but Strong hits an elbow. Strong then takes the upper hand and hits a backbreaker across the turnbuckle for a near pin fall. Strong then hits the Death By Roderick for another near pin fall.

Strong tries to hit the Gibson Driver in desperation, but Cole counters. They go back and forth until Martini tries to hit Cole with the Book of Truth. Cole ducks and throws Martini to the outside. Strong then hits a huge forearm thanks to the distraction and tries to press the attack. Cole counters into a Figure Four attempt, but Strong counters with a quick inside cradle for a near pin fall.

Cole then hits a Superkick and a Brainbuster for a near pin fall. Cole then successfully locks in the Figure Four and Strong makes it to the ropes. Mike Elgin walks down the ramp and Martini tries to get him to help. Strong tells him not to though, and Cole locks in an inside cradle for the near pin fall on the distraction.

Strong tries to attack back, but Cole hits another Superkick and the Florida Key on Strong for the win. Cole then celebrates his new title.

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