ROH TV Recap: Steen Vs. Mondo, Richards Vs. Lethal, 2012 ROH Match Of The Year

This week's Ring Of Honor wrestling is another "Best of 2012" episode. Kevin Kelly opens up the show and talks about how ROH is the best wrestling in the world, and mentions that the 2012 best match of the year will be announced later.

He then talks about how the Briscoe Brothers enlisted the help of their father earlier in the year to take on The House of Truth and Truth Martini.

Various segments of the match are shown, mostly focusing on the Briscoes. The match ended when the Briscoe's father landed a stunner on Truth Martini for the pin.

Kevin Kelly then talks about how much of a sacrifice the ROH wrestlers make. He says that sometimes injuries happen, and mentions (with clips of the injuries happening) Tommaso Ciampa tearing his ACL at Boiling point and Mike Mondo breaking his ankle at Glory By Honor XI. Both wrestlers were able to finish their matches due to their sacrifice for ROH.

Next up is Kevin Steen with Jimmy Jacobs VS Mike Mondo for the ROH World Title from the July 21st episode of ROH TV.

Mondo nails some big strikes on Steen and backs him into the corner. Steen comes back with a kick to the gut. They go back and forth. Steen tries to Irish Whip Mondo, but Mondo reverses and nails a kick to the chest. They head to the outside and fight around the ring. Mondo whips Steen into the barrier and then slams his head several times against the steel. Mondo then goes up the ramp and runs, tackling Steen into the barrier.

Steen recovers, and they go back and forth. Steen rips a barrier off and attempts to hit Mondo, but Mondo dodges and the barrier falls onto the ramp. Steen then picks Mondo up and powerbombs him onto the barrier. Steen heads back into the ring as the ref starts the count out on Mondo. Mondo crawls back to the ring at 19 and narrowly avoids the count out.

Back from commercial and Steen chokes Mondo on the ropes. He bites Mondo's ear, and mocks him. Mondo fights back, and Steen tries to put Mondo back down with a boot to the face to no avail. Mondo keeps trying to fight back, but Steen nails a senton for a near pin fall. Steen then boots Mondo and grabs the microphone. He talks some trash, and Mondo gets back up, unloading shots on Steen. Steen rolls to the outside, and Mondo hits a Somersault Plancha on Steen and Jacobs. They head back into the ring.

Mondo heads up to the top rope and stomps the back of Steen's head for a near pin fall. Mondo heads back up to the top rope, but Steen stops him and gets him down to the apron. Mondo attempts a shoulder to the gut, but Steen connects with a kick to the face, and then a DDT.

Steen hits his Cannonball senton for a near pin fall. Steen lifts up Mondo for the F-Cinq, but Mondo counters into a small package for a near pin fall. Mondo attempts the Double Arm DDT, but Steen reverses and hits the F-Cinq for the win.

A vignette is then shown that highlights Kevin Steen's title defenses throughout 2012.

Kevin Kelly then talks about Jay Lethal's "killer instinct" that developed as he vied for a shot at Kevin Steen's title. Then, the incident where Steen spit on Lethal's mother and Lethal injured Jim Cornette is shown.

Next match up is the finals of Survival of the Fittest 2012. The match picks up with the final two wrestlers who haven't been eliminated: Davey Richards and Lethal.

The two wrestlers do the Code of Honor, and Lethal hits an Ace Crusher. Lethal heads up to the top rope and hits a stomp for a near pin fall. They go back and forth, and Richards hits the Alarm Clock kick and then a running forearm. Lethal fights back and hits the Lethal Combination. He hits another and goes for a pin, but Richards kicks out.

Lethal locks in the Koji Clutch, but Richards counters in an ankle lock. Lethal counters that into a surfboard and Richards crawls to the ropes. They go to the apron and exchange hits. Richards hits Lethal with an Enziguri and then an Exploder Suplex to the outside. They head back into the ring, and Richards goes up to the top rope and lands a double stomp, but Lethal kicks out.

Richards hits several roundhouse kicks and goes for the pin, but Lethal kicks out. Richards presses the attack, but Lethal lands a Superkick. They then trade Superkicks back and forth, with Lethal coming out on top. He attempts the pin on Richards for a quick kick out.

Lethal signals for the Lethal Injection, but Richards counters it into an ankle lock. Lethal kicks out and they go back and forth. Richards takes Lethal up to the top rope and nails a Superplex, but instead of letting go hits a Brainbuster, which Lethal somehow kicks out of.

Richards hits a throat slash and then a sliding kick, but Lethal kicks out again. Richards locks in another ankle lock, but Lethal gets out quick. Lethal hits a German Suplex, and then a Full Nelson Suplex for a near pin fall. A visibly frustrated Jay Lethal hits a headbutt and chop on Richards, who then spits in Lethal's face.

Lethal lands an Enziguri, and then the Lethal Injection for the 3 count.

After a commercial, Kevin Kelly says that the Ring Of Honor match of the year was Davey Richards VS Michael Elgin with Truth Martini for the ROH World Title at Showdown in the Sun on March 31st.

Richards nails Elgin with a dropkick. Elgin goes to the apron, and is facing the crowd. Richards kicks Elgin in the back, and he flies to the outside. Richards then hits a Suicide Dive and then they go back and forth around the ring.

They head back into the ring and Elgin hits Richards with a clothesline (Richards on the turnbuckle) for a near pin fall. Elgin hits a delayed Suplex for another near pin fall. Elgin presses the attack, and hits a leg drop for another near pin fall.

Elgin attempts a powerbomb but Richards reverses it and whips Elgin into the corner. Richards tries for a forearm, but Elgin blocks it and goes for a Death Valley Driver, which Richards breaks out of.

Elgin nails Richards with Shock Treatment for a near pin fall. He then tries for a belly to back Suplex, but Richards grabs onto the ropes. They go back and forth and Elgin comes out on top with a Northern Lights Suplex for a near pin fall.

After a commercial, Richards attempts a German Suplex on Elgin, but he hangs on to the turnbuckle. Richards kicks Elgin in the head, and then hits a Dragon Suplex for a near pin fall. Richards locks in an ankle lock, but Elgin makes it to the ropes.

The two wrestlers exchange kicks, and then Elgin hits a Chaos Theory for a near pin fall. Elgin then hits a Hellevator for another near pin fall. Elgin locks in the Crossface, but Richards gets his foot on the ropes.

Elgin goes up top and Richards hits him with some forearms, and then a Dragon Screw Leg Whip. Richards then goes up and hits a double stomp off the top rope for a very near pin fall.

They exchange strikes and Richards hits an Exploder Suplex for another near pin fall. They go back and forth, and Richards goes for another ankle lock. Elgin counters into another Crossface, but Richards counters into a rollup for a near pin fall. Elgin lands a Powerbomb for another near pin fall.

Elgin attempts another Crossface, but Richards fights towards the ropes. Richards counters into another ankle lock. Elgin claws his way to the ropes, but Richards pulls him back into the center of the ring. Elgin tries to kick Richards in the head to get out of the hold, but Richards keeps it locked on. Eventually, Elgin counters and sends Richards into the corner.

Richards lands a kick on Elgin, and goes for a pin but Elgin kicks out early and then spits in Richards face. Richards lands a few kicks for another near pin fall. Richards then hits a roundhouse kick to Elgin's head for the three count.

Kevin Kelly wishes everyone a Happy New Year as the show closes.


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