Ryback On If Goldberg Chants Bothered Him And How They've Died Down

The Miami Herald has an interview with WWE Superstar Ryback. During the interview, Ryback discussed fans chanting "Goldberg" at him.

"I didn't expect the Goldberg chants," Ryback admitted. "I had been on the road from about the end of December 2011, but didn't debut until after WrestleMania, and not once did I get anything like that. Then once I got to TV, I think maybe the style of matches and the facial hair (led to the comparisons). I think it was the intense style and the undefeated streak. It never bothered me one bit and never will because I was a wrestling fan all my life. We become very loyal to those we see on TV before us.


"As you've seen the Goldberg chants have gone down tremendously, if not completely gone away. Every once in a while you will hear fans at TV or the PPV try to get them going, but they are drowned out by, 'Feed Me More'. If I was going out there every night and doing the Spear and Jackhammer, and mimicking his mannerisms, then yeah, they would probably still be there – but there is a lot more to Ryback. I understand them, but they don't bother me at all. It just takes time to get a fan base and have people become loyal to you."

Ryback also discussed comparisons to Goldberg, you can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: The Miami Herald