Scott Steiner Set For ECW Reunion Event, Drops Countersuit Against TNA

Scott Steiner has been added to the upcoming "Hardcore Roadtrip" ECW Reunion event on Saturday, March 2nd in London, ON, Canada. This will be Steiner's first "extreme" show since he left ECW in October of 1995. Steiner will be wrestling at the event, and has promised promoters that "he has a lot to say and will be shooting" come March 2nd.


Speaking of Steiner, he dropped his counter-lawsuit against TNA last Wednesday, which alleged that the company owed him royalties. PWInsider reports that TNA's lawsuit against Steiner for his Twitter rants, as well Steiner's lawsuit against the company for allowing an alleged under-the-influence Jeff Hardy to wrestle him at a TNA live event, remain pending. You can get more details about the case at this link.