It's the final full week of 2012, and we here at are in the process of our "Best of 2012" countdown. Each day through Saturday, we will present a category that you can vote for in our Comments section. Full winners will be listed on the site next Monday, December 31st. Here are the categories and the day that they will be posted:

Sunday, Dec. 23 - Breakout Star of the Year (Vote Here)
Monday, Dec. 24 - Feud of the Year
Tuesday, Dec. 25 - Tag Team of the Year
Wednesday, Dec. 26 - Woman of the Year
Thursday, Dec. 27 - Event of the Year
Friday, Dec. 28 - Match of the Year
Saturday, Dec. 29 - Wrestler of the Year

The category for today is "Feud of the Year." What do you think was the best rivalry of 2012? Some potential candidates include The Rock vs. John Cena, Daniels vs. AJ Styles, CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho, Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H and Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy.

Please enter your choice in the "Comments" section below.