Update On Ryback Vs. CM Punk, Eve Torres To Defend At WWE TLC?, Rey Mysterio's Time Off

- There's still no word yet on exactly why Rey Mysterio was given time off but the official reason is that he needed personal time. Several people close to the situation believed that Rey's knee locked up on him when he dove off the apron in the Daniel Bryan match on RAW several weeks back. Rey was told years ago to not even jump off curbs so jumping off the apron after knee surgery 15 years later can't be good. Rey was said to be "in great pain" later in the week after that spot.


- The winner of the Divas battle royal on the WWE TLC pre-show may get her title shot against Eve Torres later on that night during the pay-per-view.

- While Ryback vs. CM Punk for the WWE Title is penciled in for the January 7th RAW, The Wrestling Observer reports that one source says the match may not happen for a long time and the plans for January 7th are very subject to change.