Why Ryback Vs. CM Punk Likely Won't Happen On January 7th, New Gig For Ernest "The Cat" Miller

- The Wrestling Observer reports that former WCW and WWE star Ernest "The Cat" Miller is now working as the Director of Chuck Norris' World Combat League.

- After it was reported that Ryback vs. CM Punk for the WWE Title would take place at the January 7th RAW, and even strongly teased by WWE at RAW and this week's RAW tapings, word came out that the match might not happen after all. Now we know why.

PWInsider report that there is strong talk that the match won't happen on January 7th because the idea is to milk Ryback vs. Punk for as long as they can without actually doing the match. Eventually it will happen but officials really want Punk healed up because they have him set for a major WrestleMania 29 role. They want to make sure he doesn't come back and re-injure the knee, putting all Road to WrestleMania plans in jeopardy.

Source: PWInsider


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