Wrestlers Comment About 'End Of The World' On Friday, Goldust Available For Booking

- Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Goldust will be available for booking in February and March. For booking or inquiries, click here.

- Several current and former WWE superstars have made satirical comments regarding the end of the world Mayan proclamation, which happens tomorrow:

Chris Jericho: "So if the Mayans are right, this is our last night on Earth. How are you spending it?"

JBL: "I think it is a false alarm with the world ending. If the Mayans were so smart they would have seen the Spanish coming."

Tommy Dreamer: "If the world is ending...I'm headed to McDonalds & breaking my all time solo eating record of $30 gluttony here I come"

Gregory Helms: "If the world ended tonight, I think I did alright... Actually the world did end, but then Superman flew around the Earth really fast and reversed everything."

Steve Austin: "After conducting comprehensive and intensive research at the BSR lab,I've come to the conclusion that the world will not end tomorrow."

Matt Hardy: "I believe we're all gonna be ok on 12/22/12.."

Chris Masters: "Im converting to every religion just to be safe"

Ezekiel Jackson: "Well It's tomorrow now so unless a specific time... guess we gotta keep waiting"


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