WWE Hall Of Famer At Saturday's NXT Event, Booker T Clinic Tonight, NJ Wrestling Documenatry (Video)

- Booker T will be holding his first All-Star clinic today at the WXF Training Center in Houston, TX. TNA star Devon and former WWE Superstar MVP will be helping out with the clinic. The cost of the clinic is $300 and is open to men and women. You can get more information by contacting Paul Cook at [email protected] or by visiting realityofwrestling.com.

- WWE Hall of Famer Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat will be signing autographs prior to tomorrow's NXT live event in Live Oak, FL. You can get more details about the show at fcwwrestling.info.

- The New Jersey Star-Ledger released a multimedia package profiling independent wrestling in New Jersey, which features Marty Jannetty, former WCW star Crowbar and others as they attempt to continue to make a living wrestling outside of WWE and TNA. There is a 25 minute documentary short that accompanies the piece, you can watch it below:

The Bottom Rope: Inside the world of independent wrestling from Star-Ledger Video on Vimeo.

Michael Monday contributed to this article.


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