WWE Live Event Results From Raleigh, NC (12/30) - Outlaws In Action Again, Bryan Hugs Ryback, More

Thanks to WrestlingINC.com reader Tyler Long for sending in these results from tonight's RAW live event in Raleigh, North Carolina:

Justin Roberts came out and welcomed everyone to the show, hyping a six-man tag match between The Shield and Team Hell No/Ryback and a cage match between John Cena and "Mr. Money in the Bank" Dolph Ziggler. Vickie Guerrero then came out and question Roberts for announcing matches on her show. She was quickly booed off the stage and told everyone, "you'll miss me on my show when I'm gone."


First match of the night was a six-man tag team match between Brodus Clay/The Usos against the Primetime Players and Jack Swagger. It was a pretty good match, with some back and forth action between Darren Young and Jey Uso. Titus came in and had Jey set up to hit a football tackle from a three-point stance, but got distracted by the Funkadactyls. This allowed Jimmy Uso to get a hot tag. The match ended with the Usos hitting tandem super kicks on both of the Primetime Players and Brodus Clay hitting a big splash on Swagger for the pin.

The next match was a Divas title match between Eve Torres and Kaitlyn. This was a good match, considering most Divas matches only get a few minutes on TV. Kaitlyn dominated the action hitting an array of slams and dropkicks. Eventually, Kaitlyn got tangled up with the referee, allowing Eve to slam her down by the hair and connect with The Heart Breaker. Good reception for Kaitlyn afterward.


Next up was David Otunga vs. Santino Marella. A fairly short match, but Otunga showed some surprising ring control and hit some good moves. His posturing throughout the match was amusing and provided the fans ample opportunity to boo him. Good heat for Otunga. The match ended when Santino, after missing the Cobra at first, ducked a clothesline from Otunga and connected with the Cobra, getting him the pin.

The next match was The Shield versus Team Hell No and Ryback. Daniel Bryan came out first to a huge pop, but then The Shield's music hit and they descended from the crowd to begin attacking Bryan. Kane ran out (with no entrance music) to help his partner. The Shield was still in control when Ryback's music hit. He came running down to the ring and cleaned house. The bell finally rang to start the match and Daniel Bryan flew outside the ring to hit The Shield. The action was very good in this match; never a dull moment. All members of The Shield looked good, notably Roman Reigns, who continues to get better. Rollins and Kane fought most of the match, with Ambrose and Bryan getting in a few good exchanges as well. Eventually, Ryback got the hot tag and cleared the ring. As he got Ambrose up for Shellshocked, Reigns hit him with a chair, resulting in a disqualification. Kane and Bryan hit the ring to throw Rollins and Reigns out, allowing Ryback to hit his finisher on Ambrose. Afterward, Kane and Bryan argued before hugging it out at the behest of the crowd. Bryan then grabbed the microphone and asked Ryback to "Feed Me Hugs" and "Hug Me More". There was an awkward hug between Bryan and Ryback before Ryback's music hit and they left the ring.


After a 15-minute intermission, Zack Ryder came out to fight Tensai. The stipulation for this match was that the loser would have to sing either "Jingle Bells" or "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" after the match. Ryder won a surprisingly quick match with a roll-up on a distracted Tensai. The match couldn't have lasted 5 minutes. Vickie Guerrero then came out again and told Tensai he'd have to sing "Rudolph". Tensai stalled for a bit, even telling Vickie he'd take her on that date she'd been asking him for if she'd allow him to not sing. She said no, so Tensai sang the song. It was as bad as it sounds.

The next match began with Team Rhodes Scholars coming out to some heat. Cody Rhodes said that his best friend Damien Sandow would give the crowd the greatest gift of all, in the spirit of the holidays: knowledge. Sandow did his three-question routine. The third question was, "who is the greatest tag team in WWE history?" Team Rhodes Scholars were pointing at themselves when the New Age Outlaws music hit. The place went nuts, especially those of us old enough to remember their heyday. After Road Dogg giving his famous introduction, the match began. There were some good exchanges in this match, specifically between Rhodes and Gunn, who looked very good. The match ended when Road Dogg tackled Sandow out of the ring after he attacked Gunn. This allowed Gunn to hit the Fameasser on Rhodes and get the pin with no interference. They posed for the crowd and got a huge pop before leaving.


After the crew came out to set up the steel cage, Dolph Ziggler came to the ring for his cage match against John Cena, accompanied by AJ Lee and Big E Langston. John Cena's music hit and the place went bananas. Once the match began, it was clear that this was going to be the match of the evening, despite the efforts of The Shield and the New Age Outlaws earlier. There were some good cage spots, including Cena hitting a facebuster on Ziggler from the top of the cage. At one point, Cena tried to jump down off the cage, but Langston caught him by his feet, not allowing him to exit. Pretty cool spot. Ziggler hit Cena with everything but the kitchen sink. He got him with the Zig Zag, a super kick, and the Fameasser. Cena kicked out each time. Eventually, the ref was incapacitated and Langston slammed the door on Cena's face. He entered the ring and hit him with his finisher before leaving. Ziggler still couldn't get the pin. AJ then entered (the ref was still gathering himself) with the briefcase and threw it down in disgust before slapping Cena. Cena responded by kissing her, which infuriated Langston and Ziggler. Langston grabbed Cena by the arms and Ziggler grabbed the briefcase. As he swung, Cena ducked, so Ziggler hit Langston with the case. Cena then connected with the AA and got the pin. The place went nuts. Cena posed for the crowd for a few minutes and then left.


Justin Roberts thanked everyone for coming out and said that they'd be back to Raleigh soon, though no official date was given.

Match of the Night: Cena vs. Ziggler cage match
Biggest Pop of the Night: 1) Cena, 2) New Age Outlaws 3) Daniel Bryan
Biggest Heat of the Night: 1) Vickie Guerrero, 2) Rhodes Scholars, 3) Jack Swagger

Tyler Long contributed to this article.