Welcome to the WrestlingInc.com WWE Main Event Recap.

The opener plays and Miz and Cole welcome us to the show. We see footage of Cody Rhodes landing hard on the back of his head from a few weeks ago against Team Hell No. Cole sends to highlights of the tag champs and Rhodes Scholars.

We go to the ring and Rhodes and Sandow come to the ring. Kane’s pyro goes off and Team Hell No makes their entrance. We go to commercial.

WWE Tag Team Championship: Team Hell No (c) vs. Team Rhodes Scholars

Cody demands to start off with Kane as we get a “Cody’s Mustache” chant. Kane starts to take it to Cody. Cody has had enough and tags Damien Sandow. Kane takes him down also and Sandow begs off. Kane tags Bryan who comes off the top with a double axe handle to the arm. Bryan hits a big knee to the gut and No Kicks to Sandow. Bryan tags Kane who hits a dropkick to a seated Sandow for 2. Bryan comes back in to resume offense. More tags from the champs. Kane misses with an elbow and Sandow escapes to tag Cody. Kane takes him down and Cody rolls to the floor. Kane goes out and is met by Sandow. Sandow tackles Kane into the steel steps as we go to break.

Back to action as Sandow and Cody take turns on Kane in the corner. Kane comes back with a clothesline on Sandow but he still makes a tag to Cody. Cody keeps Kane in line and tags Sandow back in as they double team behind the ref’s back. Cody and Sandow hit a double suplex and Cody gets 2. Sandow comes off the top but Kane catches him in the mouth and finally makes a tag to Bryan. Bryan turns it up on Sandow with kicks in the corner. Bryan launches Sandow to the floor and the ref checks on him as Sandow favors his knee. Bryan hits a big knee off the apron and sends Sandow back in. Cody provides the distraction and Sandow knocks Bryan off the apron to the floor. We go to break.

Cody is in control in the ring against Bryan as we return. Sandow hits a snap suplex for 2. Sandow keeps Bryan away from Kane and tags Cody back in. More quick tags from the challengers. Bryan hits a running kick out of the corner on Sandow and is able to tag Kane. Sandow tags also. Kane hits a side slam on Cody for 2. Kane takes care of Sandow on the apron and goes up top but Cody meets him and tags Sandow. They try a superplex but Kane throws them off and comes off on Cody. Sandow hits his neckbreaker in the middle on Kane but Bryan breaks the count. Cody hits Cross Rhodes on Bryan and tags in legally. He hits the Disaster Kick on Kane for 2. Cody goes up for a moonsault but Kane moves and Cody hits the mat. Bryan tags himself in. Kane hits a chokeslam on Cody and Bryan flies off with a headbutt for the win.

Winners by pin and Still WWE Tag Team Champions: Team Hell No

Kane and Bryan congratulate each other in the ring.

-We go to footage of Miz flying in an F-18.

-A RAW Rebound is shown.

-The Prime Time Players come to the ring followed by Santino and Zack Ryder.

The Prime Time Players vs. Santino & Zack Ryder

Titus starts with Santino and powers him to the mat. Santino tags Ryder who backs Titus into Titus’ corner which allows him to tag Darren Young. Ryder hits a dropkick to the back of a seated Young for 2. Ryder tags Santino and holds Young for him. Santino tries to come off the ropes but is uneasy about his footing and he finally gives up going high-risk and takes it to Young on the mat. Santino fights out of enemy territory but gets knocked down by Titus as we go to break.

Back to action as Young slaps Santino on the mat and gets 2. Titus tags in for some double teaming. Santino mounts some offense against Young and finally makes the tag to Ryder. Ryder hits a knee and a dropkick out of the corner on Titus. Ryder hits the Broski Boot to Titus but Young comes in for the cheap-shot. Santino hits the Cobra on Young, sending him out. Titus kicks Santino out. Titus ducks the Ruff Ryder and hits a sit-down slam for the win.

Winners by pin: The Prime Time Players

Cole wishes us a Happy Holidays as we go off the air.