WWE Main Event Recap (W/ Video) : Battle Royal For U.S. Title Shot, Kidd & Gabriel

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- The opening video runs and we go to pyro and crowd shots.

- Michael Cole welcomes us to the show with the Miz at ringside. Superstars are already in the ring for a 20-Man Battle Royal to determine the #1 Contender for Antonio Cesaro's U.S. Championship on next week's show. Cesaro is on commentary. Epico and Primo are introduced followed by Team Rhodes Scholars and Santino. Wade Barrett makes his entrance followed by The Great Khali.

U.S. Title #1 Contender 20-Man Battle Royal

Everyone faces toward Khali and Yoshi Tatsu is the first one to charge at him and Khali tosses him out. Everyone goes at it and here we go. Primo is eliminated and he holds his knee. Miz and Cesaro bicker at ringside about the greatest country. Epico avoids elimination and slides back under the ropes. Santino dangles with one foot near the floor but hangs on. Kidd hangs on with both hands and flips up and eliminates Drew McIntyre with a head-scissors. Drew pulls Tyson off the apron from behind and Gabriel eliminates himself and Jinder Mahal with a crossbody to the floor. The men brawl on the outside as we go to commercial.

- We return and Wade Barrett tosses Jey Uso out. Ted Dibiase is in there with Cody Rhodes. Sandow eliminates Regal. Santino does a similar head-scissors move to eliminate Epico. Brodus Clay gyrates in front of Khali as they get closer. They club each other and Khali hits a big boot and tosses the FunkaSaurus out. Cody punches Jimmy Uso off the apron. Khali hits chops to everyone as we go to break.

- We're back as Khali throws out both members of the Prime Time Players. Khali gives a chop to Cody Rhodes and tosses out Sandow also. Barrett puts the boots to Khali in the corner. Santino and Barrett mix it up. Santino hits the Cobra on Barrett and Zack Ryder follows up with the Broski Boot. Santino tosses out Ryder and Barrett throws Santino from behind as he tries to explain to Ryder why he threw him out. It's down to Barrett and Khali. They trade shots in the center. Wade hits a big boot to the skull and mounts Khali with some punches. Barrett tries to toss Khali out but Khali hits a chop in the corner and tosses Barrett but Barrett holds on. Khali hits a chop to the head and Barrett's feet hit the floor.

Winner And New #1 Contender for the U.S. Title: The Great Khali

Cesaro enters the ring as Khali celebrates. Khali puts his dukes up but Cesaro wants to shake hands. They do and Cesaro exits the ring and backs up the ramp. Khali dances in the ring as we go to break.

- Matt Striker interviews Khali in the back and before he can reply, Cesaro attacks from behind. Cesaro says something in another language as he dangles the U.S. Title in front of Khali's face. Khali hits a big chop and Cesaro goes flying across the floor. Khali picks up the U.S. Title and says, "Happy New Year. See you next week."

- A RAW Rebound is shown of the Santa storyline.

- 3MB makes their way to the ring. We go to commercial.

- Heath Slater tries to cut a promo in the ring but he has lost his voice. Drew and Jinder say Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel attacked Slater's larynx and are trying to ruin their careers. They play air-guitar as Kidd and Gabriel make their entrance.

Jinder Mahal & Drew McIntyre vs. Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel

Kidd starts off with Jinder. Jinder backs him into the corner and tags Drew. Kidd escapes and tags Gabriel in. Drew and Gabriel go back and forth. Kidd tags back in for some double teaming. Gabriel tags right back in and sunset-flips into the ring for 2 on Drew. Drew comes back and tags Jinder. Gabriel hits a dropkick on Jinder and tags Kidd for some double teaming. Kidd takes Jinder to the floor with a head scissors and hits a basement kick through the ropes to Drew, already on the floor. Kidd hits a crossbody to both men but they catch him. Gabriel comes flying with his own dive and takes them all out. We go to break.

- Back to action in the ring with Gabriel and Drew. More quick tags from the faces. Kidd gets 2. Slater distracts Kidd from the apron and Drew takes over. Mahal tags in and keeps control of Kidd. More quick tags from the heels. Slater delivers a cheap shot from the floor. Jinder gets 2 on Kidd. Kidd is fingertips away from tagging Gabriel in but Mahal knocks Gabriel off the apron from behind. Kidd and Drew hits simultaneous cross-bodies and go down. Gabriel tags in and goes to work on Drew. Gabriel hits a Tilt-A-Whirl DDT but Drew kicks out at 2. Gabriel misses with a moonsault and Drew almost pins him. Drew lands a big boot and gets another near fall. Drew sends Gabriel into a Mahal knee and Mahal gets 2. Gabriel fights back with a sit-down powerbomb but Drew breaks the cover. Kidd and Gabriel take care of Drew to the outside and hit the tandem off the top on Mahal for Kidd to make the cover.

Winners by pin: Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel


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