WWE Saturday Morning Slam Recap - Best-Of Edition: John Cena & Daniel Bryan In Action

Welcome to a 'Best-Of' edition of the WrestlingInc.com WWE Saturday Morning Slam Recap.

Daniel Bryan vs. Tyson Kidd

Kidd grabs Bryan's beard and knocks him down three Stooges style and Bryan goes out and screams that he is leaving. Kane's pyro explodes and he comes out on the stage and makes Bryan get back in the ring. Bryan turns things around, literally, with a ridiculously long airplane spin. He finally drops Kidd who immediately falls to the mat and Bryan stumbles around the ring. Bryan tries to deliver a dropkick to Kidd in the corner but Kidd is nowhere near the corner and Bryan gets nothing but turnbuckle. Kidd capitalizes with a pin and gets 2. Bryan leapfrogs Kidd and drops to the mat to throw Kidd with his feet but Kidd holds on to the ropes. Bryan just grabs his own ankles and rolls up into a ball. Kidd rolls him around the ring in pin attempts but the shape of his body prevents both shoulders to be pinned simultaneously. This show has brought yet another 'first' to yours truly's 25 years of wrestling. Bryan rolls through and pins Kidd's shoulders for the win.

Winner by pin: Daniel Bryan

Kane gets in the ring and takes Bryan's title belt and holds them both up in the corner. Bryan pouts and Kane gives his belt back and Bryan's face lights up. They argue about being the tag team champions.

-We go to commercial.

-Daniel Bryan is asked a bunch of questions: Do you dream of hamburgers? No, I have no interest in hamburgers. Have you ever made a mistake? No, I never make mistakes. Do you know the taste of defeat? No, I win every match, even when I lose. Do you believe in unicorns? No, unicorns are the stupidest fictional character. Do you play video games? No!! Video games are for idiots! Do you like magic? No, magic is pure fiction, I am a man of science (with fists on hips like a superhero). Do you like ice cream? Yes, I love ice cream, especially with almond milk. Do you want a tag team partner? No, I can do everything by myself. Do you like goats? (gets agitated) Do I like goats? No! No! No! No!...

-We see a John Cena vignette and go to break.

John Cena vs. Heath Slater w/ 3MB

Slater ducks in the ropes a we get a huge "Cena" chant. They lock up and Slater hits an armdrag and gloats. Cena takes him down with an armbar and monkey-flips Slater. Cena continues to work the arm and mock 3MB. Slater reverses into a headlock but Cena gets out and hits an armdrag as Slater goes out to regroup with 3MB. They come up with a game plan in the huddle and Slater re-enters the ring. 3MB surround Cena in the ring and Slater slams him from behind as Cena tries to chase Mahal out. The ref sends the illegal members of 3MB to the back. Cena drop toe holds Slater from behind as he argues with the ref but Slater avoids the STF. We take a break.

-Miz brings us this week's PSA to not try this at home.

-We're back as Slater has Cena in a body scissors. Cena powers out and hits a back bodydrop and a flurry of offense. Cena hits the 5-Knuckle Shuffle and the AA for the win.

Winner by pin: John Cena

Cena celebrates in the ring. Happy New Year and see you next week.


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