WWE Taping SmackDown Tonight, WWE Star Suffers Injury On Thursday, Ryder Comments On Dreamer

- Zack Ryder bragged on Twitter about how ended Tommy Dreamer's ECW career three years ago. ECW Original and Dreamer's friend Joey Styles responded:

"LOL! It was WWECW, not ECW. Tommy makes more money now. https://HOUSEOFHARDCORE.net"


- WWE will tape the January 4th, 2013 episode of SmackDown tonight from Richmond, Virginia at the Richmond Coliseum. The only match confirmed for next week is Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio. Advertised locally is Show vs. Sheamus and Del Rio vs. Randy Orton. If you're attending tonight's tapings and would like to help out with live spoilers, please contact us by clicking here.

- Ted DiBiase suffered a finger injury on his left hand at the SmackDown live event in Chicago on Thursday night. No word on how long he will be out past tonight's SmackDown tapings. This is the reason Jamie Noble came out of retirement to put over Fandango at the SmackDown live events.