- Extreme Rising is attempting to raise funds on indiegogo within the next 14 days to begin a new television show. If they raise enough funds, you can be credited or even have your company advertised on the show. If they manage to do so, the show will be available in New Jersey, Philadelphia and Delaware - as well as online for free. Here is their announcement:

"As our feedback suggests, the fans want a weekly EXTREME RISING WRESTLING TV show, and we want nothing more than to be able to produce it. We need the fans help and support. We have turned to Indiegogo.com to help raise the necessary funds for this undertaking. With just 18 days to go, Extreme Rising is rolling out a promotional effort in hopes of creating awareness to this project about producing entertaining, weekly, episodic pro wrestling television series. At Indiegogo.com fans make a pledge, choice a perk/gift, and are only charged if the goal amount is reached. If the goal is not reached, no one is charged.

"Unlike other wrestling companies, Extreme Rising has no financial backing whatsoever. There is no TV or Cable network. There are currently no sponsors, advertisers, nor investors. Extreme Rising has been bootstrapping it since day one, and thrives on fan support alone. If the fans want to see an Extreme Rising TV show, we need their help to bring this to fruition.

"We have proposed a plan to produce a season of Extreme Rising TV to air initially on broadcast TV in Philadelphia, South Jersey, Delaware, and online. If the campaign receives the full funding, Extreme Rising will immediately go into production for thirteen weeks of episodic television. Each show will be sixty-minutes and will include matches, promos, never-seen-before content, and advertisements for DVDs, T-shirts, etc… Extreme Rising will purchase and schedule the thirteen weeks of TV to air. Eventually the programs will be available online Worldwide."

You can donate to the project at Indiegogo by clicking here.

- Van Halen lead singer David Lee Roth discussed legendary Japanese pro wrestler Rikidozan, who is a national hero in Japan, and his rise to fame on the latest episode of The Roth Show. Roth also mentioned The Undertaker and Steve Austin during the episode. It's a fun watch, you can check it out below:

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