Kevin Nash Joins HBK At NXT, Heat On Rey Mysterio And Sin Cara, Royal Rumble Title Match Updates

- As noted, Shawn Michaels will be appearing at tonight's WWE NXT tapings at Full Sail University. Kevin Nash says he will be visiting. Nash tweeted:

"Going to the NXT taping to hang with HHH and HBK got my Christmas gift a little late but super stoked to see my buds"


- As noted, Eve Torres vs. Kaitlyn in a Lumberjills Match for the WWE Divas Title will likely be added to Royal Rumble. This would play off the finish on Monday's RAW and make sure all the Divas get a Rumble payoff. With Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio in a rematch for the World Heavyweight Title being planned for Rumble, it's possible that match may happen with some kind of stipulation also.

- With WWE making the switch to Alberto Del Rio as their top Latin babyface, The Wrestling Observer reports that there is talk that they have given up on Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara in that role. The planned match between Rey and Cara for WrestleMania 29 may be off.