Scott Hall Doing DDPYOGA, Daniel Bryan Reveals New Nickname, Bray Wyatt Update

- Sean "X-Pac" Waltman says Scott Hall is trying out Diamond Dallas Page's DDPYOGA. Waltman tweeted:

"I talked to Scott Hall over the last few days.Yesteday he was stoked to give @DDPYoga a shot.No one is giving up on The Bad Guy"


- WWE NXT star Bray Wyatt sounds like he's ready to return to the ring from injury. He tweeted last night:

"Broken wings mend with time, I'm ready to fly again. #TheReturn"

- WWE recently posted a video from Daniel Bryan where he says he wants to be called "The Dazzler" in 2013. Bryan's New Years resolution was for everyone to call him by his new nickname. He later tweeted that his resolution was to become The Dazzler and grow his beard out all year long.