The Shield Teases Interfering Tonight, Papa Shango, Bo Dallas Wins NXT Royal Rumble Tourney (Video)

- Roman Reigns teased The Shield interfering in tonight's Royal Rumble match, writing on his Twitter, "Woke up!..Alive and well!!. Not looking good for those at the Rumble. #FinishTheFight #BelieveInTheShield"

- WWE Champion CM Punk played off Wade Barrett's annual Papa Shango-Rumble tease, writing on his Twtter, "I swear I just saw Papa Shango having a coffee with @WadeBarrett at Starbucks."

- Here is video of Bo Dallas winning the 8-man NXT Tournament at the Royal Rumble Fan Fest yesterday to earn a spot in tonight's Royal Rumble match, and his post-fight interview:

Hikal Mazahra contributed to this article.


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