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Genesis opens up with the announcers talking about the matches for the evening. Taz says that Hardy's title is in serious trouble. First up is Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan vs. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez for the World Tag Team Titles.

Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan vs. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez for the World Tag Team Titles

The announcers talk up Guerrero and Hernandez, and talk about their various defenses since winning. Chavo and Ryan open things up, they tie up and Ryan backs Chavo into the corner.

He takes Ryan down with a big clothesline and presses the attack. Hernandez comes in and locks in a bear hug. He then tosses Ryan over his shoulder.

Hernandez hits a big splash for a two count. Chavo comes in and hits Ryan with a running dropkick to the face. Ryan escapes and tags in Morgan, who comes in and whips Chavo into the corner.

Ryan comes back in and Morgan steps on Chavo's wrist, allowing Ryan to take advantage. Chavo fights back with some punches to the gut, and then an elbow to the head.

Hernandez comes in and hits a big back body drop on Ryan. Ryan rolls to his corner and Morgan comes in. He and Hernandez stare each other down.

They fight back and forth, and Ryan comes back in. Ryan presses the attack on Hernandez and Morgan comes back in and hits Hernandez with a boot.

Morgan knocks Hernandez down and taunts him. He chokes Hernandez in the corner as the ref counts. Hernandez fights back with some elbows and a boot to the head, but Morgan hits a discus clothesline.

Ryan comes back in and attacks Hernandez in the corner, but he fights back and Morgan comes in to press the double team.

Ryan is back in and he is working on Hernandez's head. Hernandez hits a big backbreaker and crawls over to Chavo.

Chavo comes in hot and hits Ryan with a head scissors takedown. He then hits Ryan with the 3 Amigos. He goes up top but Morgan runs in, so Chavo hits him with a missile dropkick. Hernandez comes in and the champs hit a double dropkick on Morgan, sending him out of the ring.

Hernandez then stays in the ring and slams Ryan. Chavo goes up top and hits the Frog Splash for the win.

Winners and still Tag Champs: Chavo and Hernandez

After the match, Morgan stares at his partner.

Mr. Anderson is then interviewed on his stance about Aces and Eights. He talks about Samoa Joe calling him out and thanks him for it. He says he will see him in the ring, and says what happened to Kurt Angle is going to happen to him.

Samoa Joe vs. Mr. Anderson

The announcers say the Mr. Anderson is going to get run over like the Green Bay Packers offense.

The two wrestlers stare each other down in the center of the ring and talk trash. Joe is the first to strike, and gets Anderson in the corner and kicks Anderson in the face several times.

He then picks Anderson up and lands several strikes to the gut. He then whips Anderson into the other corner and bounces his head off the turnbuckle. He then hits Anderson with some knife edge chops.

Joe then takes Anderson to the center of the ring and presses the attack. He hits several nice jabs.

Anderson fights back, but runs into a big elbow by Joe. They head to the outside and Joe bounces Anderson's head off the apron.

Joe presses the attack outside the ring, but Anderson comes back and bounces Joe's head off the steps. He then rams Joe back first into the apron. They head back into the ring.

Anderson locks in a side headlock and Joe fights to his feet. He then fights back and hits Anderson with some jabs to the chest.

Anderson comes back and hits Joe with a couple shoulders to the knee. He takes Joe to the corner and hits a flying dropkick for a two count.

Anderson goes back to work on Joe's knee, but Joe kicks him outside the ring. Joe bounds off the ropes and hits Anderson with a suicide dive. They then go back into the ring and Joe hits some more jabs, and then an atomic drop followed by a big boot.

Joe then hits a senton for a two count. Anderson gets back up quick and goes right back to Joe's knee.

Joe fights back though, and puts Anderson up on the turnbuckle but Knox comes out with a hammer.

Anderson hits the Mic Check for the win.

Winner: Mr. Anderson

After the match, Kenny King is backstage and he says that Christian York has no shot against him because he is too good.

Kenny King vs. Christian York

The match starts off very quick paced. King takes control quick and presses the attack on York, nailing several big moves.

He poses confidently to the crowd. King locks in a side headlock, but York fights back and hits a Suplex.

York gets to his feet and hits clothesline on King. York goes for the pin and gets a two count.

King takes control and throws York to the apron, and then knees him in the gut. He goes for a Suplex, but York pulls him to the apron too.

King goes back in the ring and York hits a double stomp from the top rope for a two count.

York then plays to the crowd, but King fights back. King then presses the attack and knees York into the corner.

King then grabs York's hair and slams him to the mat. King locks in a submission on York, but York reverses into a quick pin for the win.

Winner: Christian York

After the match, King attacks York. Rob Van Dam then walks out to the ring.

Christian York vs. Rob Van Dam for the X Division Title

Rob Van Dam comes down and tries to get York up following King's attack, but York hits Van Dam in the face.

Van Dam fights back and locks in a surfboard submission. He presses the attack and tells York to stay down. He gets a two count.

Van Dam then locks in some head scissors, but York fights out. Van Dam presses the attack.

Van Dam hits quick pin for a two count. York fights back and hits a knee to the face from the top rope.

York hits a kick to the gut, but Van Dam fights back and kicks York in the face.

Van Dam goes up top and goes for the Frog Splash, but York moves. York fights back and they exchange strikes. Van Dam comes out on top.

Van Dam successfully hits the frog splash for the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

After the match, Van Dam pulls York to his feet and claps for him.

Joseph Park is then interviewed backstage and he talks about people wishing him well on Twitter.

He then says that he is here to fight Devon, and he is going to get revenge for Aces and Eights holding him hostage. And then a vignette recapping Park's training, and him asking Hulk's permission to wrestle is shown.

Joseph Park vs. Devon

Devon talks trash on Park in the center of the ring. They tie up, and Devon takes control, shoving Park into the ropes. They stare each other down and tie back up. Devon takes control again, and slaps the back of Park's head.
Devon then pulls Park's feet out from under him and Park's face hits the mat. He just stares at Devon.

Devon gets down in referee's position and motions for Park to get behind him. Park does and then takes Devon down, who escapes outside the ring.

Devon then hits Park with some forearms to the back, and a couple boots. Park stands up and hits Devon with a couple arm drag takedowns. Devon fights back, and they go to the outside. Devon bounces Park's head off the steps and presses the attack.

They go back in the ring, and Devon rips the turnbuckle off. He then tries to hit Park's head off it, but Park grabs the ropes.

Park fights back, and tries to go off the ropes but Devon counters.

Park hits a double leg takedown and punches Devon in the face. He then picks Devon up and shoves him to the mat. He then hits Devon with a splash from the top rope for a two count.

Devon gets to his feet and hits Park's head off the exposed turnbuckle. Park starts to bleed from his nose and "unleashes the beast." He picks Devon up and goes for the chokeslam, but drops Devon and starts just staring around wide eyed, calming down after freaking out. Devon quickly pins Park while he is staring around, confused looking.

Winner: Devon

After the match, Devon attacks Park with the Television Title.
Austin Aries is then interviewed backstage, and says he is going to win tonight.

Gail Kim vs. Miss Tessmacher vs. ODB vs. Mickie James vs. Velvet Sky (Gauntlet Match)

MT rushes the ring and attacks Kim. She hits a quick rollup for a two count. She presses the attack on Kim in the corner, but Kim fights back.

Kim shows off to the crowd, and goes up top but MT kicks her and knocks her back into the ring.

MT hits a big dropkick and then nails some strikes. Kim fights back and pins MT, eliminating her

ODB then runs out. Kim meets her on the outside and they fight by the ring. ODB bounces Kim's head off the apron and the action goes inside. ODB spanks Kim, and then nails her with some shoulders to the gut in the corner.

Kim fights back and goes for a crossbody, but ODB catches and slams her. ODB presses the attack and goes up top but Kim pulls her down and pins her while holding her pants.

Mickie James then runs out and immediately attacks Kim. Kim fights back and hits James with a shoulder to the gut.

James then hits a neck breaker and they are both down in the center of the ring. They get to their feet at the same time and exchange strikes. James comes out on top.

James hits a flapjack and bounds to her feet. She goes up top and Kim rolls out of the ring. James sends her back in.

Kim grabs the ref's feet, and then Kim hits a quick roll up, eliminating James.

Velvet Sky comes out, and Kim whips her into the steps. Sky rolls into the ring and Kim drives her knee into Sky's neck.

Sky fights back and whips Kim into the corner. She charges Kim, and Kim hits a big boot. She goes for a pin and grabs the ropes for leverage, but the ref sees her and stops her count.

Kim argues with the ref, and Sky hits In Yo Face while Kim is distracted for the win.

Winner and number one contender: Velvet Sky

After the match, Christopher Daniels is backstage talking about how much better he is than James Storm. He says Storm will be sorry about his own luck.

The winner of the match between the two will receive a future shot at the World Title.

Christopher Daniels vs. James Storm

The two tie up in the ring, and Storm takes control with a side headlock. He takes Daniels to the mat and keeps the lock on. Daniels gets to his feet and fights out, but Storm locks another side headlock back in.

Daniels counters into a modified head scissors submission, but Storm gets out. He then clotheslines Daniels over the top rope.

Storm follows Daniels outside, and presses the attack. He slams Daniels' head off the barrier and attacks him on the stairs.

They go back into the ring, and Storm gets some big right hands on Daniels in the corner.
Kazarian attacks Storm from the outside of the ring. Daniels bows to the crowd, and then hits Storm with a kick to the gut. He then goes to work on Storm's left arm.

Daniel's pushes Storm into the corner and keeps working on Storm's arm. He lifts Storm to his feet and torques his arm.

Storm tries to fight back, but Daniels stays on his arm for several minutes.

Storm fights back to his feet and lands a couple strikes to the head of Daniels with his free arm to make the escape.

The two exchange strikes in the center of the ring, and Storm hits a lariat on Daniels. Storm goes up top and hits an elbow drop for a two count.

Daniels quickly comes back and rushes Storm in the corner, but Storm counters. Storm hits Daniels with a kick to the head.

Storm goes for the Last Call, but Daniels counters with Angel Wings for a two count. Storm then hits closing time. Storm goes for the Last Call again, but Kazarian goes to attack Storm so Storm kicks him instead. Daniels comes from behind and picks up a quick pin off the distraction for the win. Storm's foot was on the rope though, and the ref didn't notice.

Winner: Christopher Daniels

After the match, Bully Ray's proposal from Impact is reshown.

Brooke Hogan and Bully Ray then come out to the ring, huge smiles on their faces. Ray talks about how next Thursday they will be getting married in the Impact Zone. Brooke whispers in his ear, and Ray says that Brooke wants to invite all the fans.

Ray then pulls out his phone and records the audience. He says if they're going to be at the wedding, he is going to put the video of the fans on Twitter.

Ray thanks Brooke for saying yes and tells her that he is happy. He then thanks the fans for having their back.

DOC vs. Sting

Sting immediately attacks DOC outside the ring. He hits some big punches, and they fight up the ramp. Sting locks in a headlock, but DOC fights back and the two go back and forth with offense. Eventually they head to the ring.

The ref starts the match. DOC stays in control and hits some big strikes on Sting. Sting mounts some offense and comes back. He tries to knock DOC to the outside, but DOC hangs onto the rope. Sting presses the attack and starts working on DOC's legs.

Sting then whips DOC into the corner and hits a splash. Sting presses the attack and eventually hits the Scorpion Deathdrop for the win.

Winner: Sting

After the match, Aces and Eights run out to attack Sting, but Bully Ray runs out for the save.

Bobby Roode is then shown backstage, and he is asked if he and Austin Aries will work together during their match, and he just talks about how he and Aries will work together to take out Hardy, so then can fight to take over the title.

A video package is then shown showcasing the build up to the title match between Hardy, Roode and Aries, focusing on the Roode/Aries rivalry.

Austin Aries vs. Bobby Rood vs. Jeff Hardy for the World Heavyweight Championship

All three wrestlers stare each other down in the center of the ring. Roode and Aries argue over who should attack Hardy first, and they start double teaming the champ.

Aries whips Roode into Hardy, but he boots Roode. Hardy then presses the attack, and levels Aries with a double leg takedown. Roode attacks Hardy from behind.

Roode tells Aries to get up and they take turns attacking Hardy's neck. Hardy fights back and clears Roode and Aries out of the ring. He then goes to the apron and dives on Roode.

Roode and Hardy go back into the ring, and Hardy presses the attack. Roode fights back and takes Hardy down, nailing several punches to the head. He goes for a pin, but Hardy kicks out at two.

Roode then sends Hardy into the corner, and nails a big punch to the face, sending Hardy hanging over the ropes. Aries comes back in and attacks Hardy.

Aries takes Hardy down and pulls Hardy's hair. Hardy fights back and sends Aries to the corner. He then whips Roode into Aries, who falls to his knees. He then jumps off Bobby Roode and kicks Aries in the face.

Roode and Aries come back, and go to work on Hardy. They take turns using the ropes to choke Hardy with their boots.

They press the attack, and Roode nails a brutal looking superplex.

Roode then puts Aries on his shoulders. Aries tries to pick up Hardy, but he fights back with a kick to Aries head. Hardy then lands some big strikes, going back and forth between Aries and Roode.

Hardy kicks Roode to the outside, and attempts to dive off the ropes onto him but Aries pushes him in mid air. Aries then tries to suicide dive Hardy, but hits Roode instead. Hardy then whips Aries into the steel steps.

Hardy sends Roode back into the ring and presses the attack. Aries comes back in the ring, and Hardy suplexes him onto Roode. He goes for a pin but Roode kicks out at two.

Roode spears Hardy for a near pin fall, and Aries and Roode press the attack. Roode lands a Vader Bomb on Hardy for another near pin fall.

Hardy goes to the corner. Roode holds his feet and Aries lands a huge dropkick to the face. Aries then lands a Brainbuster.

Roode holds Hardy's feet, and Aries goes up top for a 450 splash but misses. Roode and Aries then start attacking each other, and Aries hits Roode with a big forearm to the face for a two count.

Roode locks a crossface on Aries, but he fights out. Aries puts Roode up on the top turnbuckle and goes for a superplex, but Roode fights out. Aries then hits a missile dropkick.

Hardy comes in and pins Roode out of nowhere, eliminating him.

Aries presses the attack on Hardy, but Hardy fights back and hits the Twist of Fate on Aries while he is tied up in the ropes. He goes up top and hits the Swanton Bomb for the win.

Winner and still champion: Jeff Hardy

After the match, Jeff Hardy celebrates in the ring.

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