Trent Barreta Says He Saw WWE Release Coming, Reveals His Favorite Match

SLAM! Sports has an interview with Trent Baretta, who was released from WWE earlier this month. During the interview, Baretta discussed receiving the call that he had been "future endeavored."

"Luckily I wasn't driving to the show with everyone at the time, it was just me when I got the call" said Baretta. "I totally saw it coming. I was on the road doing pretty good, I thought I was improving constantly and then I tore my tricep. I was out six months and was ready to get back to it and was sent to FCW practice. So I was like, 'Ohh, something's up. This isn't good.'"

Baretta also revealed his favorite match while with the company.

"In the Saddledome I got to have an awesome match with Tyson Kidd -- it is probably my favourite match," Baretta stated. "They gave us 17 minutes [so] a great match is going to happen. It was in Canada so the people were behind him. Tyson is one guy who every time I got in the ring with him it was so easy and so much fun. Me, Tyson and Curt Hawkins used to call ourselves the rubber men because we could take a lot of bumps and took pride that none of us got hurt. In 2012 I tore my tricep, Hawkins tore his knee and just at the end of the year Tyson blew out his knee. So rest in peace rubbermen. It's a sad story."

Baretta also discussed main eventing a NXT house show days before his release, wrestling at the Hart Legacy Wrestling show last weekend and much more. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

Source: SLAM! Sports


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