WWE NXT Recap: New Challenger For Langston, Shawn Michaels Makes An Apperance And More

NXT opens with Shawn Michaels in the ring. He announces that there will be a tournament to crown the first ever NXT Tag Team Champions. He says winning the titles will be a springboard to a bright future. He ends with the DX, "If you're not down with that" line.

The Wyatt Family (Luke Harper and Erik Rowan) vs. Yoshi Tatsu and Percy Watson- Opening Round of the NXT Tag Team Championship tournament

Watson and Rowan start things off. They tie up and Rowan hits Watson with a forearm, followed by a shoulder knockdown.

Watson comes back with a standing dropkick. He then knocks Rowan down with some forearms to the back. Tatsu comes in and Rowan hits Tatsu with a big punch to the face.

Tatsu tries to hit Rowan with several kicks, but Rowan shrugs them off. Tatsu tries for a crossbody, but Rowan reverses to a backbreaker. Harper comes in.

He backs Tatsu into the corner and goes to work on him with some chops. Rowan comes back in and works on Tatsu's chest too. Harper comes back in and locks a chin lock on Tatsu in the center of the ring.

Tatsu fights back to his feet and goes for a knife-edge chop, but Harper rams him into the turnbuckle and Rowan comes back in.

He body slams Tatsu and then goes to work on his neck. Harper comes back in and hits Tatsu with an uppercut. Tatsu goes to the apron. Harper tries to Suplex him into the ring, but Tatsu reverses and tags in Watson.

He hits Harper with several clotheslines, and then a Spinebuster. He goes for a pin, but Rowan breaks it up. Tatsu comes in and clotheslines Rowan to the outside.

Harper nails Watson with a big lariat for the win.

Winners: The Wyatt Family

Dusty Rhodes is then backstage with Alex Riley and Derrick Bateman and asks them to compete in the tag team tournament. Corey Graves then interrupts and says he is angry that he never got his rematch for the NXT Championship, and now he isn't even in the tag title tournament.

Alex Riley tells Graves that if he is feeling froggy to jump. Graves says nothing and Riley walks off. Rhodes then tells Graves that he isn't in the tag title tournament because no one wanted to be his partner.

He then tells Graves that he will face Jake Carter later in the show.

Alicia Fox vs. Sasha Banks

They tie up and Fox hits Banks with a knee to the stomach. She slams Banks head into the turnbuckle several times.

Banks fights back with a big standing dropkick. She goes for a pin and gets a one count.

Fox takes control and whips Banks into the corner, followed by a fisherman's Suplex. Fox then locks in a chin lock.

Banks tries to fight to her feet, but Fox slams her to the mat and locks in a side headlock.

She attempts the pin, but Banks kicks out and Fox locks a chin lock back in.

Banks reverses with a Monkey Flip, followed by a pair of lariats. Fox reverses with a body slam. She goes for another, but Banks counters into a small package for the win.

Winner: Sasha Banks

After the match, a video package for Paige is shown where she talks about how she has been bred to be a champion since she was 13. The video shows her dominating her various opponents.

A new NXT correspondent named Rene Young is shown. She is interviewing Aksana, who says that Paige is trying to steal her look. She says she is angry that Paige was all the rage in 2012. She says that next week when she takes on Paige, she is going to make a statement.

A brief video of Conor O'Brian is then shown. He says he is the true Ascension, and that he will rise.

Jake Carter vs. Corey Graves

They tie up and go back and forth with side head locks. Graves backs Carter into the corner. Graves whips Carter off the ropes, but Graves reverses with a back Suplex. He then drops several elbows on Carter.

Graves locks in a quarter nelson with a chin lock. After a few moments, Carter fights to his feet and lands an Atomic Drop. He whips Graves into the corner and charges him, but Graves moves out of the way.

Graves takes out Carter's knee with a spear, and then locks in the 13th Step as Carter taps out for the win.

Winner: Corey Graves

After the match, Graves takes a mic and says that he is being screwed. He says that it's because he is an outcast. He says he hopes that management is listening, because he is declaring anarchy on NXT. He then says that the next time he sees Alex Riley; he is going to make him stay down.

Back from commercial, and Bo Dallas comes up to Michael McGillicutty in the locker room and asks why he helped him against 3MB. Michael says it's a new year and he wants to change his attitude.

Michael then says that he and Dallas will be teaming next week in the tournament against Primo and Epico, and that he thinks they're better. They shake hands.

Adrian Neville and Oliver Grey vs. 3MB (Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre)- NXT Tag Team Championship Tournament

Neville and McIntyre start things off. William Regal talks up Neville's past wrestling experience.

The two tie up and McIntyre hits Neville with a few slams, but Neville pops right back up.

They tie up again, and McIntyre locks in a side headlock. Neville gets back to his feet and hits McIntyre with a Hurricanrana. McIntyre escapes to his corner and Slater comes in, punching Neville.

He picks Neville up in the air, but he flips over Slater's shoulder and grabs his arm. Neville goes to his corner. Grey comes in and locks a wristlock on Slater.

Slater escapes, but Grey hits him. Slater rolls to the outside, and Grey follows. McIntyre comes off the apron and tries to hit Grey, but he dodges and hits Slater.

Neville then bounds off the ropes and hits McIntyre with a somersault plancha.

Back from commercial and McIntyre kicks Grey in the chest. Slater comes in with a knee to the back. He then locks in a chin lock. Grey gets back to his feet, but Slater kicks him in the gut.

McIntyre comes in and hits Neville. Neville complains to the ref, and 3MB both attack Grey. Slater then comes in and kicks Grey in the face for a two count.

Slater then hits Grey with a knee to the back, followed by a side headlock. Grey fights to his feet and hits Slater with a back Suplex.

McIntyre comes in to try and stop Grey from tagging Neville in, but is unsuccessful. Neville immediately takes the fight to McIntyre. He hits him with several huge kicks.

Neville goes up top and hits the Corkscrew Shooting Star Press for the win.

Winners: Adrian Neville and Oliver Grey

Axl Keegan vs. NXT Champion Big E. Langston

Keegan tries to hit Langston several times, but Langston doesn't move. Langston hits his running body block.

He then picks Keegan up and hits the Big Ending.

Winner: Big E. Langston

After the match, he picks up Keegan as if he is going to hit another Big Ending, but the lights in the arena go dark.

Conor O'Brian's face then appears on the TitanTron and he says that it only takes three seconds to take Langston's most prized possession. He says he hopes that in two weeks, Langston is present for the awakening. He then says he is going to show Langston what he thinks of the five count.

Langston then hits Keegan with the Big Ending and does the five count. He then picks Keegan up again and hits a third Big Ending, and another five count.


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