WWE Saturday Morning Slam Recap - Kane & Daniel Bryan In Singles Action Against 3MB

Welcome to the WrestlingInc.com WWE Saturday Morning Slam Recap.

- After the intro, we are wished a happy new year by the voice-over guy and taken to highlights of Kane and Daniel Bryan's relationship. We go to Natalya who is standing by with the tag team champions and she asks them how they feel about competing separately against 3MB today. Bryan doesn't know who 3MB is and Kane says he is excited about being on Saturday Morning Slam in a very monotone voice. Bryan asks him if he's gotten enough sleep; Kane says he doesn't sleep. Bryan says he'll be cheering Kane on and asks if Kane will do the same. Kane says, "Maybe." Bryan asks what else he will be doing on a Saturday morning and Kane says he will be scaring people and creating havoc like usual. Kane leaves and Bryan still wants to know if he'll watch his match.


- Back from a break as Jinder Mahal makes his entrance with the rest of 3MB. Josh Mathews is on commentary with Booker T. Kane's pyro explodes and he makes his entrance to the ring.

Kane vs. Jinder Mahal

Mahal looks scared as Kane enters and gets pats on the back from his band mates. Kane hits a shoulderblock and a dropkick. Jinder comes off the corner but Kane catches him with a shot to the throat. Kane hits a side slam and Mahal ducks out of the ring for a huddle with his buddies. They each surround Kane on the apron and Daniel Bryan's music hits and he comes running down on the apron and screams, "No!" Jinder gets in the ring and the ref makes the rest drop to the floor. Mahal argues with the ref as Kane comes off top with a clothesline for the win.


Winner by pin: Kane

Bryan comes in and they have a face-off with 3MB. We go to break.

- A very short-haired, short- bearded Daniel Bryan brings us this week's PSA to not try this at home.

- The bell rings as we return and Bryan awaits Slater to take off his shades and jacket.

Daniel Bryan vs. Heath Slater

Slater finally gets in and shoves Bryan. Slater dances around the ring after ducking Bryan. Daniel lands a kick that we don't see and a knee from a bad camera angle behind Kane. They have a nice exchange and Bryan hits a dropkick on Slater. The move is seen but with a bad camera angle. The crowd chants, "Yes!" Slater lands some moves on Bryan and tunes up his guitar. Bryan comes back and stretches Slater out in a surfboard. Bryan goes to working the left arm and we keep seeing Josh and Booker. Bryan lands a dropkick off camera. Slater launches Bryan over the top and Kane walks over to keep 3MB at bay.

- Back from a commercial. Heath Slater is in control as Bryan works his way up. Bryan does a backslide for 2. Slater gets a near-fall and whips Bryan hard into the corner and gets 2. Bryan fights back and we miss what happens next but Slater takes back over. Slater whips Bryan in again but he runs up the buckles and flips over Slater like Spiderman. Bryan hits a clothesline off the ropes and is fired-up. Bryan hits a dropkick in the corner and gets 2. Slater ducks a kick and almost steals the win. Drew McIntyre gets on the apron and Kane removes him but Slater gets the upper-hand on Bryan from behind. Bryan reverses into the No Lock and Slater taps quickly.


Winner by pin: Daniel Bryan

Kane comes in and hands Bryan his title and they raise them in the air.

- We go to Natalya who is standing by with Damien Sandow. He silences her question and says that although he is usually a post meridian Superstar, he has decided to grace the ring, anti meridian. Natalya says most people refer to that as 'am' and 'pm.' Sandow says he wants to clean up the rubbish that he sees on Saturday mornings and anyone who owns a television should be embarrassed of it. Randy Orton interrupts with a spelling lesson: RKO. He says he'll be happy to teach Sandow what that spells next week in the ring. Orton leaves and Sandow, a bit flustered, says, "That doesn't spell anything." Sandow walks away as Natalya mouths, "Ok," and we go off the air.