WWE SmackDown Results: Rock Returns Home, World Title Change, Punk Promo & More, Sound Off

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- SmackDown begins with a video hyping The Rock's return as he returns home for the first time in 10 years, then a package for Big Show and Del Rio.

- We go to the ring and Lilian Garcia introduces Booker T and we hear from the announcers that he has a big announcement. Booker comes to the ring and says we're going to kick the year off with a bang. Booker says RAW was epic but SmackDown can do it better and they won't take a back seat. He says RAW had Ziggler vs. Cena but tonight Antonio Cesaro will face Randy Orton. RAW delivered The Great One but after 10 years The Rock will be in this ring. We see a graphic as Booker says that the match between Del Rio and Big Show tonight will be Last Man Standing for the Title.

An angry Big Show comes down and gets in Booker's face and asks him if it's personal and yells at him off mic. Show gets a mic and says Booker has a personal vendetta against him. He says Booker wants the Latino fans in Miami to embrace Del Rio. Show says there are no Latino heroes and no Irish or Viper heroes will stop him. Show gets back in the ring and circles Booker and says it's a bad idea to gives these people a hero and he needs to change his mind. Show grabs Booker by the neck and backs him into the corner.

Del Rio's music hits and he runs down to the ring and hits Show with kicks to the leg and a dropkick. Del Rio hits an Enzuigiri and another dropkick to send Show out of the ring. Show lands on his feet and starts to go crazy and says he will destroy Del Rio. We get a 'Del Rio' chant fro the crowd. Del Rio backs up the ramp and his music plays as Show tells Booker this is all his fault. Ricardo Rodriguez comes out on the ramp to join Del Rio.

- We go to highlights of The Rock on SmackDown and they show a clip from September 13, 2001 with Shawn Stasiak.

- We will hear from CM Punk tonight as we see a graphic of him and Rock face to face with the words: PIPE BOMB!

- We go to the ring as Randy Orton's music hits and he is introduced to the ring. Antonio Cesaro makes his way down the ramp waving an American flag. We see and inset promo from Cesaro announcing his entry and victory in the Royal Rumble.

Randy Orton vs. Antonio Cesaro

They lock up and trade go-behinds. Orton hits a shoulderblock and Cesaro adjusts his neck. Cesaro hits European Uppercuts but Orton tosses him out of the ring and follows to the floor for a huge clothesline. We go to commercial.

Back to action as Cesaro has Orton in a headlock in the ring. Orton fights up but gets taken back down with a clothesline and Cesaro gets 2. Cesaro picks Orton up in a gut-wrench and slams Orton for another 2. Cesaro hits shots in the corner but the ref pulls him off. Orton moves in the corner and rolls Cesaro up for 2. Cesaro quickly hits a sit-down slam for 2. Orton starts a flurry and hits a powerslam. Orton comes at Cesaro but Cesaro throws him up in the air for his Mortal Kombat Fatality-like uppercut. Orton takes back control and hits his DDT in the ropes and coils-up. The Shield enters the ring and attacks Orton as the bell rings. Ambrose and Rollins lift Orton onto Reigns shoulders for a powerbomb. They stand over Orton as we go to break.

- A promo runs for the 20th Anniversary of RAW with another "Rock Concert" this Monday.

- We see a replay of The Shield's attack on Orton and Josh Mathews and JBL bicker against each other about the trio.

- Matt Striker is standing-by with 3MB where they talk about being in the Royal Rumble. They say they will "beat Sheamus like an Irish drum bay-bay."

- A graphic is shown of The Rock vs. CM Punk at the Rumble and we go to CM Punk and Paul Heyman on the field at Sun Life Stadium. Punk says he is huge fan of The Rock especially his college football career. Punk puts on Rock's jersey from college and talks about the Orange Bowl being torn down. He says the place where Rock lived his college glory years is gone just like his wrestling days because it is now the CM Punk era. Punk says Rock can come back to Miami but he can never go home.

- We go to the ring as Dolph Ziggler comes down with AJ and Big E Langston. We see a replay of Big E dropping Cena on Monday and Cena's subsequent victory against Ziggler. We go to break.

- Matt Striker interrupts Del Rio and Ricardo in the dressing room and asks their thoughts. Del Rio calls Show the most insecure person in the world for attacking Ricardo and running down the Latino people. He says the last man standing tonight will be Latino.

- Khali and Natalya have entered the ring.

Dolph Ziggler & AJ vs. The Great Khali & Natalya

Khali hits chops on Ziggler in the corners. He waits for Ziggler to get up who runs and tags AJ who skips around and jumps on Khali's back. Natalya comes in and pulls her off and repeatedly slams AJ's head on the mat. Natalya goes for the Sharpshooter but AJ bites her hand and Natalya has to release. AJ bites Natalya's ear in the corner and runs up the ropes for a reverse DDT for the win.

Winners by pin: Dolph Ziggler & AJ

Big E Langston enters the ring and charges at Khali and takes him down with a clothesline and Ziggler hits him with the Zig Zag. Hornswoggle comes in and is cornered as he tries to run. Big E picks him up and hits the Big Ending.

- We go to more footage of Punk and Heyman at Sun Life Stadium. Punk says Rock thinks he can beat him as if he's a superhero. Punk says they people don't deserve to be saved and they deserve to rot in hell. Heyman says Rock is not as talented as Punk but not to worry because nobody is. They walk the length of the field toward the camera as they speak as the camera backs up the field. Punk takes off the Rock jersey and throws it on the field and he and Heyman walk away.

- We go to clips from 1999 of The Rock & Sock Connection. The Rock is out NEXT.

- The Rock's music hits and the crowd pops as we return. Rocky walks the stage and makes his way to the ring. Rock pauses for cheers and shows us his goose bumps. He gives the camera the People's Eyebrow as he does his "…FINALLY" thing. Rock gives a shout out to Flo Rida in the audience. He says he is disappointed that Punk decided not to show up and the crowd starts a "Cookie Puss" chant. Rock says this is where it all started for him and talks about his football days with Warren Sapp. He says home is the Royal Rumble where he will kick Punk's Cookie Puss a** and become WWE Champion. He asks Miami if they want to have fun tonight and The Rhodes Scholars' music hits and they come to the ring.

Damien Sandow begs our indulgence and introduces himself as the intellectual savior of the unwashed masses. He introduces his best friend and tag team partner, "The Essence of Mustachioed Magnificence," Cody Rhodes. They say they are here to correct The Rock because they are to become champion, not Rock. Cody says Rock doesn't deserve this time and tells him to get out of the ring before he doesn't have any choice. Rock cuts a promo on them complete with pauses for "WHAT" chants from the crowd a la Stone Cold and says Cody has a dead caterpillar on his lip. He says, "Sweet tap-dancing Jesus! What is on your face?" Cody says he is an adult and if he wants to grow a mustache, he will.

Sandow interjects and asks The Rock to answer 3 questions correctly and he gets to stay. The Rock says to Just Bring It. Sandow asks who the 19th president of the United States is. Rock answers, "Rutherford B. Hayes, bi*ch!" Rock says Sandow looks like what would happen if Abe Lincoln got busy with a gremlin and says to not feed him after midnight. Cody asks what movie won Best Picture in 1993. Someone in the crowd yells, The Tooth Fairy, and The Rock acknowledges and says no. Rock answers, Schindler's List. Rock wants to ask his own question and if they get it right they will get an amazing prize from The Rock and Miami. He asks, "What happens when you combine a geological aggregate of minerals with its lowest form?" Sandow says, "You get rock bottom." Rock says exactly and Rock Bottoms Sandow. Rocky looks over at Cody who takes off his coat and charges at Rock. Rock hits a spinebuster and delivers the People's Elbow. He finishes with, "…If you smell what The Rock is cookin'!"

- We return from a commercial as 3MB rocks out in the ring as Sheamus makes his entrance.

Handicap Match: Sheamus vs. 3MB

Slater ducks out of the ring and the trio start to go back up the ramp. They then charge the ring and Slater gets in first and gets hit with the Brogue Kick. The other two members stop in their tracks. Sheamus makes the cover for the win.

Winner by pin: Sheamus

The band pulls Slater out of the ring and McIntyre puts him on his shoulder to take him to the back as we take a commercial break.

- The Prime Time Players dance in the ring as Kane's pyro explodes and Team Hell No comes out to Kane's music.

Team Hell No vs. The Prime Time Players

We see footage from Monday on RAW of Team Hell No losing to Team Rhodes Scholars. Darren Young starts off with Daniel Bryan and backs him in the corner. Bryan tries to fight back but Young keeps the pressure on and tags Titus O'Neil for more punishment. Titus gets boots to the face in the corner by Bryan and both men tag out. Kane sends Young in and hits a side slam for 2. Young comes off the top but Kane catches him in the mouth and goes for a chokeslam but Titus comes in and Kane grabs his neck as well. They kick Kane and send him in but Bryan comes off the top with a double knee on PTP. Kane hits a chokeslam on Young for the win.

Winners by pin: Team Hell No

Kane sets-off his pyro in the ring and Bryan holds his ears as we see a replay. Bryan yells 'No!' at the crowd.

- Big Show vs. Del Rio in a Last Man Standing Match for the World Title is NEXT.

- Another promo runs for The 20th Anniversary of RAW this Monday.

- We see a graphic for Eve vs. Kaitlyn for the Divas Title this Monday on RAW.

- Footage is shown of Del Rio and Big Show from earlier tonight.

- We go to the ring as Lilian Garcia tells us the rules for this match. Big Show's music hits and he comes to the ring. We take another commercial break.

- A promo runs for The Rock at Royal Rumble.

- Alberto Del Rio comes out in a Lamborghini Aventador worth $500,000. Ricardo Rodriguez makes the formal introduction after Del Rio gets in the ring. Lilian does the same for Show.

Last Man Standing World Title Match: The Big Show (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio

The bell rings and they go right at it. Del Rio goes for the legs but Show overpowers him and hits a chop to the chest in the corner. Show hits clubbing blows to Del Rio's back and bodyslams him. Del Rio gets up and fights back but Show hits him with a headbutt and another chop to the chest in the ropes. Show goes out and pulls a table out from under the ring and sets up at ringside. Show slams Del Rio through the table and the ref begins to count. Del Rio makes it up by the count of 7 and Show goes right back to work. Show grabs a chair and sends Del Rio back into the ring. Del Rio hits a kick to Show's gut and takes the chair and hits Show across the back. Del Rio continues with two more shots. Show only goes to one knee and Del Rio dishes out more punishment with the chair.

Del Rio goes for the Cross Arm-Breaker but Show lifts him in the air and goes to throw him out of the ring but Del Rio hangs on with all his weight on Show's arm and Show screams out in agony. Show finally slams Del Rio off and the ref counts a laid-out Del Rio on the floor. Show is on his feet on the other side of the ring and goes to the outside as Del Rio makes it to his feet. Show starts to approach Del Rio as we go to break.

Show and Del Rio continue to mix it up at ringside as we return to action. Show sends Del Rio in the ring and pulls another table out from under the ring and slides it into the ring. Show enters the ring and sets the table up in the corner but Del Rio attacks him from behind and dropkicks him though it. The ref counts and Show makes it up by 6. Del Rio jumps on Show's back with a sleeper hold Show starts to fade but throws Del Rio off of him. Del Rio unloads with shots and clotheslines but Show won't go down. Del Rio comes off the 2nd rope but Show catches him with a chokeslam. Del Rio pulls himself up by the ropes and makes it up by 9. Show headbutts Del Rio out of the ring. Show gives chase and stares as Del Rio tries to use the security wall to help himself up. Show spears Del Rio through the wall but Del Rio gets up at 9.

Show sends Del Rio in the ring and hits the KO Punch. Del Rio slides to the floor and his feet hit the floor in a standing position at the count of 8. The ref breaks his count and Del Rio falls to the floor. Ricardo tries to wake Del Rio as Show pulls the steel steps apart and charges at Del Rio with it but Del Rio side-steps and Show runs into the steel post. Del Rio makes it up and hits Show with the steps in the shoulder but Show doesn't go down. Del Rio does it two more times and Show finally falls down at Josh and JBL's feet. Del Rio turns over the announce table onto Big Show and falls back down. Del Rio makes it back up at 8 as the ref keeps counting and makes it to 10.

Winner AND NEW WWE World Champion: Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio and Ricardo celebrate in the ring as we see a replay. Del Rio celebrates in the crowd with the Title as we go off the air.

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