Ziggler Hypes Rumble Spot, WWE Lists Painful Rumble Eliminations, Royal Rumble Chat

- As seen on Raw, Dolph Ziggler won the Beat the Clock challenge to pick his Royal Rumble spot. After the match, he argued backstage with Vickie Guerrero, resulting in Guerrero giving Ziggler the option to pick #1 or #2.

Ziggler, in good spirits, commented about this challenging feat via Twitter, "the world knows i can go all night long, now its time to show the @WWE #1 #RoyalRumble #ZigglersBetter."

- WWE.com has posted video of painful Royal Rumble eliminations that can be viewed here.

- Howard Finkel will be hosting the Royal Rumble live chat on WWE.com, starting at 7:00pm.

Source: WWE.com


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