Bret Hart Shoots On John Cena, Praises CM Punk, Compares Daniel Bryan To Owen Hart

Recently, during a Wrestle Talk TV Extra, Bret Hart was asked to share his opinions on John Cena, C.M. Punk and Daniel Bryan. The WWE Hall of Famer was candid and made some rather interesting comments. Here are some of the highlights:

On John Cena's heel turn and whether there are similaries between John's situation and Bret's when Hart was asked to switch sides in the mid-'90's: "I think he's going through it for sure, he's going through exactly the same thing. They're just tired of John Cena, he's been the good guy for too long. He's still a good guy.

"But, the difference between John Cena and Bret Hart and that time period is that I don't personally think that John Cena can be a heel. I think as a heel, he'd be like Bob Backlund. It's not really going to work for John. He's not vicious or nasty. He really is just a naturally nice guy and to try to make him back and dress him in black or put him in Undertaker's make up — you're not going to make him a bad guy. You're just going to make him silly."

On Daniel Bryan reminding him of his brother Owen Hart: "Daniel Bryan...he reminds me a lot of my brother Owen. The moves that he has — he just has a look or a feel a little bit like Owen."

On what makes CM Punk an incredible wrestler: "He's the 2012 version of what a wrestling should be. A, he's a really good wrestler. The little things that you see in his work like his timing, his positioning where's he's always in the right place getting up.

"People don't really notice it, but there's a lot of things in wrestling where a guy has bad timing, where they screw up stuff because they're in the wrong place. Maybe the fans don't notice it, but the wrestlers notice. I've noticed that Punk's pretty flawless and doesn't make a lot of mistakes.

"He doesn't waste a lot of moves, he doesn't do a lot of stupid moves, where you go, 'Why would he do that? Doesn't even makes sense. He's working the guys leg and he throws him into the ropes for a sleeper.'

"But, there's certain psychology in wrestling that some guys got it, some guys don't, some guys never get it. Some guys don't even know what it is like Eric Bischoff. But, some guys like Punk are just born with it and he's got a real gift."

On the little "nods" C.M. Punk gives to wrestlers during his matches: "What I like about Punk is that he's a innovator. I find that he incorporates a lot of new moves and new things into his matches. I've also noticed that he takes a lot of little things from my matches or certain matches and he does it as a little salute or tribute. Sort of a nod off to you, like, 'I don't your elbow off the middle rope because it was your birthday,' or something. I enjoy those little, subtle compliments from guys like Punk."

On the talent that WWE currently possesses: "When I look at the talent today, I see it being every bit as good — maybe even better — than the wrestlers before. They're as good as ever. Punk is good, even Cena. He's the perfect good guy if you ask me. He's really, really good and I like him. I'm a Cena fan."

Aziz Memon contributed to this article.