As noted here on, former TNA wrestler Amazing Red was announced and scheduled to return to TNA for their all X-Division pay-per-view event, TNA One Night Only: X-Travaganza. He ended up no-showing the event, and is reporting that he may have withdrew from the event days earlier in hopes of securing a WWE contract.

The report goes on to detail how both TNA officials and Amazing Red have both kept the abrupt withdrawal under wraps. Amazing Red attended WWE's 2012 No Way Out pay-per-view event and was rumored to have had a tryout match there. Rumors continued after WWE announcer Matt Striker and WWE head trainer Bill DeMott spoke highly of Red during his visit, and had initial intentions of getting Red signed to the WWE. The report further states that Red didn't actually have a tryout or a dark match because of the pending legal issues between TNA and the WWE.

One source indicated that there was some initial miscommunication, and it was first believed that Red would appear at the No Way Out pay-per-view as a squash wrestler for Ryback. The original plan was for Ryback to wrestle 3 wrestlers in a handicap match. It was Bill DeMott who interrupted and pulled Red aside for a what he believed would be some sort of tryout. DeMott let Red know that because of the current TNA lawsuit, no current or former TNA talent could be signed to the WWE until all legal issues were cleared in court. Amazing Red was allowed to show off some moves in the ring and run the ropes.

TNA and the WWE settled their legal issues three days prior to the filming of TNA's X-Travaganza pay-per-view event, which led some sources to believe that Red withdrew from the event in hopes of being signed by the WWE. Red recently participated in two podcast interviews since withdrawing from the TNA pay-per-view event. During those interviews, Red did not answer any questions regarding his absence from the TNA pay-per-view.