- Impact begins with video of the Kurt Angle storyline with Aces & 8's, Austin Aries & Bobby Roode's titles quest, and the Bully-Hogan saga.

- We go to crowd shots from London, England.

- Hulk Hogan makes his way to the ring.

Wembley Arena looks packed and Hogan pauses for cheers. Hogan puts the fans over and we get a 'TNA' chant. Hogan continues milking the reaction, comparing it to Andre and whatnot. He says he has found 8 guys who will face-off in 4 matches to find out who he will pick to face the champ at Lockdown. We will have RVD vs. James Storm, Daniels vs. Magnus, Kurt Angle vs. Samoa, and Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries. The fans chant for Joe. Hogan says that at the end of the night he will pick the #1 contender to face Jeff Hardy.

Hogan switches gears to Aces & 8's. He says they want a war and that he thought about it for half a second and called somebody…Sting's music hits and he comes to the ring. Sting says London fans are among the best in the world. Sting accepts Aces & 8's challenge and says he will find 3 "killers" to join him and tear Aces & 8's heads off at Lockdown. This crowd is hot tonight, folks. Hogan and Sting pose in the ring as Sting's music plays. The crowd chants, 'TNA.'

- Back from a break as Daniels is introduced with Kazarian. Magnus comes out to a great home-country reception.

Daniels vs. Magnus

The bell sounds and they circle each other as Daniels tries to calm the ruckus. They lock and trade moves as a 'Let's Go Magnus' chant breaks out. Magnus goes to work in the corner. Magnus hits a vertical suplex but Kazarian interferes from the floor and Daniels takes over. Kazarian trips Magnus from the floor and the crowd is all over him. Daniels gets 2 in the ring; Magnus moves in the corner and lands a big boot to the grill of Daniels. Magnus takes care of Kazarian the "manager" on the apron and this time the ref throws him out.

Magnus builds momentum in the ring and hits a short clothesline to take Daniels down. Magnus hits a sit-down slam and flies off the top with an elbow for the win. The crowd loves it.

Winner by pin: Magnus

- Bully Ray lies on Brooke's lap as she strokes his head. Bully is upset about recent events and Brooke doesn't know what to say. Bully cheers up and says it's Valentine's Day and he is not going to let it ruin their time together. They are going to buy Brooke those shoes she wants, eat Italian at that restaurant she likes, and then going dancing. Brooke tells Bully to wear his wedding ring. She puts it on finger and says she found it on the bathroom sink after he left this morning. (Hmmm…foreshadowing?) They kiss and embrace. We go to a break.

- We return to shots of Big Ben from London.

- Moments Ago: Magnus cuts a promo about how is only 26 years old but he has been at this profession since he was 19. He says it is his life and religion. He is going to get back at Aces & 8's for almost taking it away from him. He says he just proved to the world he has what it takes to be world champion.

- Samoa Joe is introduced by the lovely Christy Hemme. Kurt Angle walks down the ramp as they play prerecorded comments made by Angle regarding the Olympic Committee's decision to exclude wrestling from the Games. He says he will do everything he can along with TNA to make sure it doesn't happen. Taz agrees on commentary and says it is an outrage.

Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe

They lock up and there is a buzz in the crowd. Joe hits s shoulderblock and Angle goes out to regroup. Angle gets back in and hits a kick to the gut and backs Joe up with shots to the face. Joe comes out of the corner with a fury of right hands and hits an Enzuigiri to Angle in the opposite corner. Joe continues with kicks to a seated Angle and drops a knee to Angle's chest for 2. Angle eats some uppercuts but counters Joe into a belly-to-belly suplex. Angle gets to his feet first and feeds kicks to Joe in the corner. Angle hits a suplex and gets a quick 1 count.

Angle hits a reverse shoulder to take Joe down as we go to break. For the record, the set looks really good and with the large, rabid crowd, a great improvement over the Impact Zone.

Joe and Angle trade shots in the center of the ring as we return. Joe uses Angle's own momentum to throw him out of the ring and follows-up with a suicide dive to the floor. Back in the ring, Joe takes Angle down with a big boot to the face and a back-splash for 2. Angle slides out of a powerbomb attempt and hits 3 German Suplexes. Joe counters an Angle Slam and hits an STO in the corner. Angle hits a nice dropkick off the 2nd buckle but Joe applies a sleeper. Angle gets out and applies the Ankle Lock. Joe rolls-through and they collide with a double clothesline.

Aces & 8's Wes Briscoe and Garett Bischoff attack as both men try to get up. Angle and Joe start to come back and Wes & Garett retreat back over the security rail. No winner is announced.

- We go to Dixie Carter in the back with British BootCamp contestants 'Party' Marty and The Blossom Twins. She tells them that this is their opportunity to show the world what they can do.

Party Marty & The Blossom Twins vs. Gail Kim and Tara & Jesse

Jesse takes control of Marty early and gloats. Marty fights back and gets the crowd behind him. Marty charges but stops and slaps Jesse in the corner. Marty hits a springboard moonsault as we go to commercial.

We're back as Tara tags in. Marty tags one of the Blossom Twins. One of them is Hannah and one is Holly and nobody knows which is which. Gail Kim is in now and almost gets pinned by a Blossom. Gail is pinned again but Taryn the ref has to get Jesse off the apron. Tara kicks the Blossom Twin in the back from the apron and Gail takes over. Gail tags Tara who slams the Blossom by her hair. Gail and Tara take turns on the girl and Gail gets 2. The Blossom Twin continues to kick out. The crowd tries to get behind her as Tara scoop slams her. Tara goes for a standing moonsault but Blossom gets her knees up and tags her fresher Blossom sister. She takes it to Tara and Gail and the sisters hit tandem offense on Kim but she kicks out.

Marty hits a missile dropkick to Jesse and knocks him out of the ring. Marty launches himself through the ropes but overshoots it and crashes more into the rail than Jesse. Gail hits Eat DeFeet in the ring for the win.

Winners by pin: Gail Kim, Tara & Jesse

Gail cuts an in-ring promo and tells Tara she wants her title back. Gail tells Brooke to come out and give her the match. Brooke comes to the ramp to 'boos' from the crowd. Brooke says Gail has her match but Miss Tessmacher will also be in the match. Tessmacher comes to the ramp but Brooke is not done. Velvet Sky comes out in her classic look. Brooke says it is a 4-Way Elimination and Brooke will be ringside watching. She wishes them all luck.

- Footage of Dixie Carter on Bellator from last week is shown. She talks about Jeff Hardy's new long-term deal and their new road schedule.

- We see footage of Jeff Hardy's last appearance on Impact from last month. Hardy returns to Impact in 2 weeks.

- Magnus' win from earlier is recapped along with Angle-Joe. Still to come… Roode vs. Aries.

- Bobby Roode and Austin Aries are in a hallway. They try to figure out who is going to win which title in their quest to win all the titles. They agree that they are going to do what's right for business tonight and are sure they are on the same page. We go to a commercial.

- The lovely Christy Hemme introduces Rob Van Dam followed by James Storm.

Rob Van Dam vs. James Storm

They put on a nice display and RVD gets the first definitive advantage. RVD hits a reverse kick off the ropes and Rolling Thunder for 2. RVD connects with the split-legged moonsault for another 2. Storm comes back with a DDT and floats over for 2. Storm slams RVD on the back of his head and rolls him up for 2. Taz alludes to his factoid from last week. Storm stalks RVD but RVD avoids the Last Call and hits his own spin kick.

RVD goes up top but Storm meets him and cuts him off. The crowd is hot for both and is split down the middle. RVD goes for Coast to Coast but Storm moves and RVD bounces off the mat. Both men struggle up and Storm connects with Last Call for the unexpected win.

Winner by pin: James Storm

Storm celebrates with a beer.

- Joseph Park knocks on Hulk Hogan's office. Hogan opens the door and is in the middle of something with Brooke. Park wants to campaign to be a candidate to face Hardy for the title. Hogan sends him back to ask the 'boys' what a 'rib' is.

- Back from a commercial in Hogan's office. Brooke is in front of a mirror and she tells her dad about Bully. She says she has found out a great deal about Bully in the 3 days they have been there. She says she didn't know Bully got into the business because of Hulk. She says he has never been champion and tells her dad to ease up a bit on the General Manager thing. Hulk says he will take it under advisement.

- A video plays of Roode and Aries' quest to win all the titles. Bobby Roode comes to the ring followed by Austin Aries.

Roode says to cut the music and tells Hulk Hogan it only took him a week to mess up their plan. Aries says the plan is transparent tonight. The crowd chants for him. Aries thanks them and says he knows his name. Aries tells the ref to ring the bell.

Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries

Roode and Aries 'finger-poke' each other simultaneously but neither goes down. They argue and tell each other to 'lay down.' Aries grabs the mic and they argue about being the 'bigger' man. Aries says he will lay down for Roode. Roode lays on him nonchalantly and Aries rolls him over after 2 and Roode kicks out. They lock horns as we go to break.

- Kurt Angle is shown in the cage and he will be Live from Bellator in Charlotte, NC.

- We're back as they jockey for position is a collar-and-elbow lock. Aries does a cartwheel to avoid Roode and lounges on the turnbuckles. They stop to argue in the middle of the ring and have a shoving-match. Both men try to use the ropes to their advantage. Roode and Aries trade shots in the middle of the ring. Roode hits a vicious spinebuster for 2. Roode tries to bring Aries off the top in a superplex but Aries blocks it and claps Roode's ears to send him to the mat. Roode avoids the 450 but Aries lands on his feet. Aries counters a spear a flips into a Last Chancery. That was cool. Roode rakes the eyes and goes to a crossface.

Aries rolls out and they counter each other. Aries pushes Roode into the ref and he goes down. Roode goes out and gets a chair. Roode waits for the ref to start to get up and slams the chair on the mat and falls on his back. Aries does the same. That's a first for me, folks; unique and amusing spot. Both men get up complaining about getting hit as the crowd chants, 'TNA.' Chavo & Hernandez walk down the ramp and Roode and Aries reluctantly walk toward them. Chavo has an Aries shirt on and Hernandez has one of Roode. The ref counts as both men leap to make it back in but they don't.

Double Count-Out

- Hulk and Sting talk in the back. Sting says he is glad he doesn't have to make this decision. Hulk goes the wrong way to the arena and Sting corrects him. Not sure what to make of that. We go to break.

- Hulk Hogan makes his way back to the ring and says it has been crazy in the back because of all the energy the crowd has been sending. Before Hogan can make his decision, Aces & 8's comes through the crowd and surrounds the ring. Bully Ray limps out with his chain and gets in the ring. Bully keeps the gang at bay. Sting's music hits and he walks down with 3 bats and hands them off to Hogan and Bully. Devon and co. retreat but who will face Jeff Hardy?