Scott Hall's First Message Since Moving In With DDP, Earlier Videos Back Online

As noted earlier, Scott Hall moved in with Diamond Dallas Page and Jake "The Snake" Roberts earlier this week to undergo the DDP YOGA program. Page had released a pair of videos last week that showed a phone call from early January where Hall agreed to move in with Page and Roberts. The videos were published for a short time last week, and then removed shortly thereafter.

"We took the video down because we wanted Scott to see it," Page admitted to me during a phone call this morning. "Scott has said to me that he's 'a low tech redneck' and doesn't get on the internet, and he thought this would show him in a bad light. Once he got here, he saw how it could inspire people, and how we're all about being positive."

In the video above, Hall admitted that he only first saw the videos a couple of days ago, but that he wanted them back online after watching them.

"It came to my attention a day and a half or so ago when I was in Florida that there was an unflattering recording of a phone call of me talking to Dallas and Jake that I have no memory of, and apparently I was very intoxicated at the time," Hall said. "Dallas and I were talking on the phone and he offered to pull it down... and I said,
yeah, yeah, pull it down.

"Having arrived here in Atlanta now and after seeing it, I just want to say that I don't recommend that kind of behavior, I'm not endorsing it. It's been my story, I'm Scott Hall and I approve these message."

Page said that Hall is currently getting "the lay of the land," and that everyone is working together to help him.

"Everyone is on the same page," Page said. "Me, Scott, Kevin [Nash], [filmmaker] Steven [Yu] and Jake. There are a lot of videos to come."

You can watch Hall's message, as well as the footage of Page and Roberts originally talking to Hall on the phone, in the video above.